No Smoking Day
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I confess

I have had a BAD day today and I caved. 1st I forgot to take my Anti D's yesterday so I was fired up all day but didn't notice why till teatime. This afternoon our old Boxer bitch had a large lump on her ear, thinking the worse we were prepared for goodbyes but fortunately it was a hematoma and got lanced. Then I find out my Mum isn't coming to visit because of the snow. 1 cig was had, followed by endless CAKE plus left over Bailey's icecream

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Like Max says, you're not the first and you won't be the last to have a lapse!!

What matters now is what you do next (sounds obvious but it's true) - are you going to get back on with your quit?

Daft as it sounds, smoking won't make your problems go away - if it did everyone would be in smoky bliss.

Best thing is to chalk it up to experience and carry on quitting sooner rather than later 'cos my last lapse was nearly 3 years long - despite crying 'cos I was hooked again. Scary, but true.


Thanks but I had the 1 this afternoon and just stuffed my face then had a sugar crash kip lol


It happens to us all!

Soziberry it has happened to us all! Just jump back on that wagon before that nicodemon starts looking for more!!!!


Try and try again

Hi Soziberry - yes, you just need to try again. Every time you quit you learn more to help you with your next quit & you just get stronger and stronger.:)

I'm sorry to hear you've lost your quit Karri.:( Just as a matter of interest, have you ever tried hypnotherapy?

The reason I'm asking is because I think it may be the most effective form to quit smoking with. I've been made aware of it since someone I know has been undergoing hypnotherapy ( with a reputable psychologist ) to overcome childhood trauma issues. Anyway, they were told that just like when you eat a meal, the enzymes in your body start to work to digest it & you don't have to do a thing - that's how hypnotherapy works - ideas are planted in the sub-conscious and these ideas then go to work on the conscious mind.

I think that stopping smoking will respond well to hypnotherapy since it works on the sub-conscious & as austinlegro says - "We quit in the sub-conscious".

All the best Soziberry & Karri on your next attempt.:)



The majority of us on here have had failed quits, then, out of the blue comes along 'the one' - the one that's makes you have feelings that you've never experienced before and you'll just know, jeez I've cracked it!

Wishing you the very best when you embark on your quit journey again.

Fi x


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