No Smoking Day
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5 weeks in !

Well here i am, smoke free for 5 weeks or to be precise 35 days :rolleyes:, hope im posting in the right thread :D , okies, well im feeling good, no side effects that some people have eg: colds/coughs/pains ect , have had the odd bad day were my chest craves for smoke but it dont get it !!!!! Having a beer is no problem at all, jesus, you'd think i was an expert at this quit smoking thing ^^, Anyhow .... i saved up enough money over four weeks to buy a new (second hand) bike that looks amazing, it cost 500 quid brand new 2 years ago and its like new, if i get a chance i'll post pics lol, but to be serious, i know some peeps find it hard quitting, all i can say is keep busy, exercise is great and actually makes you want to quit ! Keep thinking of the good things that will happen while you stay of the smokes, we all know what they are , i used to say drugs are for mugs ........... well to you all who want a smoke........... your the mug for paying to kill yourself slowly, give it up, be richer, happier, better quality of life ( for you and yours) , you can do it because im proof that you can do it, 5 weeks in, the crave is still there but it can only get better, hope your all doing well :)

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