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No Smoking Day
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Good Morning World :)

I was so sure that I woud give in yesterday. I'd already decided that it was only a matter of time. But then three musketeers came to my rescue!

To Kat, Gemma and Max. I hope you all realise just how helpful you were last night, in your rescue mission. You enabled me to whoop the ass of my worst craving so far, so thank you! :D

I've woken with that nasty nicotine devil whispering to me again, but I feel much more in control and I can almost visualise him shrivelling into nothing as I tell him NO!

I'm hoping that this is a mini breakthrough but, if not, I know what to do when things get tough now.


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I'm so glad you got through it Sarah Lou!!

That is a breakthrough 'cos you've taught yourself you can say no, and it gets easier to keep saying no :)


Well, for a start, I had a great night's sleep and have woken with no pain in my hip (yay!), so that pretty much cuts any cravings in half.

I'm out and about a bit more today, shoppoing etc, and I have a couple of books that I may resort to.

I think a major thing that worked for me last night was telling myself that this is MY choice. If I give in and smoke again it will be because I choose to, but every craving is fought because I am choosing to fight, not because I have to.

It made a huge difference to my thought process, when I urged myself to "get through today and maybe think about it again tomorrow", rather than trying to force the craving away by denying it. It felt so much like punishment thinking this way!

Also my dad told me last night that, when he decided to quit, he kept a pack of cigarettes at all times. Whilst this was a risk, it meant that every craving fought was his choice. He didn't end up touching a smoke :)



What is this Allen Carr book like, by the way?

Is it worth a read at the stage I'm at, or is it more for those who are thinking of giving up?


Thanks Kat.

I think what shocked me so much yesterdsy is that, so far, the two quit apps on my phone have genuinly helped. They tell me how much I've not smoked, how much I've saved and also provide me with a lovely photograph if I get desperate. I have all the money I'm saving in a seperate account, so I can see it growing. This is like my back up, to look at these things and feel proud.

And they failed me! Yesterday was like "psychos are us" in my head. Lol! Nothing that would usually make all the difference even pentrated my thoughts. Nothing but satisfying my urge would work (or so I thought).

It's quite scary, but my head has room for the positive thoughts today, so I know it'll be ok :)

I'll definately grab a copy of that book!


Great stuff Sarah, You keep thinking like that and you will get there;) I got the Allen Car book about 6 Weeks into my Quit and it gave me an extra boost, I still get it out from time ti time, well worth buying.Keep up the good work!:)



What a turnaround from last night, so please you're feeling better. This quitting journey most certainly has its ups and downs, rollercoaster right enough.

So pleased you're back on track today my love.

Fi x


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