No Smoking Day
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Good Morning Everyone

Here I am, on the start line of Day 2.

Feeling edgy, not to good if i'm honest but on we plod.

I have a weekly appointment at my local stop smoking service at lunchtime today so something that will get me out and I always come out of the sessions feeling like I could make Mr T look like a little girl.

As BT put it years ago 'it's good to talk'

My daughter has some tests for here entry to secondary school so I have to take her there.

Plenty enough for now to keep me busy for now.

First, Breakfast.

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Hi Chilli,

Well done on getting into day 2, sounds like you've got enough going on today to keep you distracted for a while, if you get a crave remember they do pass :)



Keep Strong!!!

The early days are the most difficult and thats why so many would be quitters fail to get further than the first few days.It does get better day by day,but you have to fight those CRAVES.They will go believe me.Dont be scared of them not going ...gradually they get less and less.Not smoking is fantastic.You really cant do anything better to improve your health.


Well played my friend, i am too on my 2nd day and although i know it's not cracked yet, i feel stronger for getting through that first day.

Try to imagine that Nicotine begging and pleading with you to consume it when you get a craving, then make a fist and say forcefully.....NO! i hold the power now!

Seems to work for me, just the psychological thought that i am standing up to the bully ( Nicotine ) now, and am taking control.


Evening Chilli (do you like hot food) I hope you are feeling chilled this evening and that you are better than you where this morning, no matter how bad it gets it cannot be as bad as gasping for breath and being told that it’s too late and that quitting smoking want make any difference, it will make a difference to you now though so don’t let the nicco demon get the better of you because even after one day your health has improved and if you did give in to it you would be gutted I promise, so onwards and upwards and in a few days time you will know it’s the right thing to do even if you don’t think so at the moment.

You will never be alone with this forum to come on too.


Hey Chilli, hope you got through today OK and you're still hanging tough!

H x



Thanks for sharing it and I wish good luck fr you and your health and your daughter too.And hoping you soon reach to day 1


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