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New to the forum

Hi everyone, today is my first day on this forum and it`s day 1 of being a non-smoker. I have quit before, for about 7 years having smoked for about 20years, and in that time I felt fantastic. I got fit, started running, ran the London marathon 3 times (!!), did triathlons you name it - it was great. I was so inspired by my new healthy lifestyle that I even decided on a career change and took myself back to uni to retrain. I`m too embarassed to tell you what I trained as because part of my job is to help people make lifestyle changes for their health -and there I am smoking!! My downfall was 'just one'. I don`t even know why I wanted it but one led to another and now four years later I`m here telling you all that I failed. I want today to be the day I start to get my life back again. I hate smoking and what it can do to you and want to be free of it for good. Reading other peoples post on here has been incredibly motivating.

So here goes (again!) and best of luck to anyone else who has chosen today to quit! :)

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welcome to the forum.

Lots of helpful people on here.

You are now a non smoker.


Time to Live

A very warm welcome to the Forum. Your story magnifies the N.O.P.E. Just that one is all our downfall.

I wish you all the very best as you embark on your new quit journey, may this be the sticky one for you:)

Fi x


Great news that you have quit again. I am sure you will succeed and this time stay quit.


Hiya! Welcome to the gang :D

And brilliant decision to try again, we're all here to help each other along the way!


Welcome to the forum and well done on making the best decision of your life. I think you will nail this because you know all about healthy lifestyle choices and you have just made a very healthy choice.:)


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