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New to forum and coming to end of day six


Hi everyone,

I'm new here and thought I'd say hello. I'm on day six using Niquitin clear patches and the occasional lolly pop!

This is my first serious attempt to quit in four years. I quit in 2006 for six months, but a stupid "just one cig" moment while drunk at a party led me off the path.

Apart from my last attempt, I've been a smoker for 20 years and really want to stay clear of smoking from now on.

Hope to speak to some of you soon.

Stay strong and keep on being smoke free x

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Hi Trandem and welcome to the forum.

Day Six is fantastic, but what is even better is that by the end of today you will have done a whole week! Well done you.

The key to a successful quit is education, so I would recommend reading the links in peoples signatures, you know the pit falls of "just the one" so I am sure you will not be caught out by that one again.

Really good to have you on board, post often and let us know how you are getting on.

Hi Trandem,

Welcome to forum and well done on making day 6!!

I see from another post of yours you stick your patch on early then go back to sleep, thats exactly what i do and it really does help doesnt it :D

Im on the invisi path 25mg as was a very heavy smoker :o but they work brilliantly for me.

Look forward to seeing you back here!

Snowie xx

Hi Bev and Snowie!

Got through yesterday ok. I have decided to open a bank account and put in my money saved each week. As I am now on day seven, I made my first deposit this morning £90! Can you believe it? I was smoking at least 40 a day, often more, so I worked out an average of my spendings.

I can't understand where I've been finding the money from. I am self employed, so that's a hell of a lot of work just to be spending on cigs. My God, after 20 years of smoking how much have I spent on killing myself, making myself stink, leaving friends in the middle of converstations in pubs/restaurants...not to mention the desperate midnight drives to find a shop open that sells the damn things cos I'd run out?

I am really starting to realise just how much those stupid little things were running my life. It wasn't my life at all, it was my life as dictated to by nicotine. Every time I went anywhere, I was thinking "do I have enough cigs to get me through, where will I be able to go to smoke once I am there? It is truly pathetic. If a friend told me their partner was not allowing them to go anywhere without them and forcing them to go and stand outside for five minutes every half hour, I'd tell them to dump them straight away! So what's taken me so long to make the penny finally drop! Evil, tricky, addictive, lying nicotine, that's what.

Well I'm glad I've finally seen the light!

Another happy side effect of getting rid of the nicohorror is that I really don't want to drink alcohol now either. I was quite a heavy drinker, but now I am a non-smoker I just don't fancy it. My OH poured me a glass of my favourite wine two nights ago and the taste of it turned my stomach. Strange hey! My sense of taste was so screwed up, I thought I loved something which I now find I actually don't really like at all.

My tea (I've never been able to stand coffee) intake has also dramatically reduced. So I've ****ysed this. I think drinking alcohol and tea was just an excuse for me to smoke more, an excuse to those around me. "Oh I always have a cig with tea, I always smoke more when I drink".

What an evil little pest nicotine is, as if it wasn't damaging me enough, it had to drag other harmful chemicals into my body too.

I am feeling very strong and positive about quitting for good this time and I hope I will be able to give as much help and support to others as I am given.

Nicotine does absolutely nothing for us. It does not make problems go away, it does not cure bordem, it does not make you feel better, it does not help you sleep or relax (its actually a stimulant so makes you wired and keeps you awake), it does not improve a night out, it does absolutely NOTHING!

Rant about nicotine over :D x

Wow Trandem, that was truly a good rant, well done.

If I was Mr Nic I'd be running for cover.:D

Thanks for joining the forum, contribute as much as you wish, and draw on the experiences of this amazing bunch of quitters.

Thanks Garry! I feel very good for letting that out!

Nicotine is now my number one enemy. Two grandparents and an uncle (all on my dad's side) all died before 63 from lung cancer in truly horrid fashion. I refuse to let a pointless addicition do the same to me!

Down with smoking, bring on life!

Hi Trandem

Welcome to the forum and also a very BIG well done on reaching day 6 and nearly the first whole week, that is great, make sure u keep it up. OOOPS your past week 1, so thats even better.

Dont let your guard down cos that Nicodemon can appear when you dont want him too and try and catch you off guard so make sure u stay strong and if he does try it on tell him to sod off cos your a Non Smoker Now and YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF SMOKING and ever again.

Good luck my friend, do keep posting and letting us know how your getting on, before you know it your days will be weeks and then months.

Take care, stay positive and most of all good luck. :)

Welcome to the mad house Tandem...:)

Sounds like you have really got this straight in your mind and that is the key I have found. Education, reading and support on this site are what are getting me through.

Rant away, whenever you feel like it....

Speak soon:D

Thanks Nuttynurse. I am poking my finger in the nicodemon's eye right now!

Thanks Nuttynurse. I am poking my finger in the nicodemon's eye right now!

Love it, if that dont work see if he can fly like Orville ;)

I wish i could fly right up to the sky but i cant...........hee hee hee

Hey Trandem

You are so right.

Giving up does actually help with your longevity.

My parents gave up smoking in their 40's, and they both lived to 92.

I'd say that was a good trade.

He can't fly cos I've pulled his wings of mwah, ha, ha! He tortured me for two decades, so now it's my turn!:p

Hi Embo, looking forward to getting through this with you guys

Hi Garry,

An excellent trade indeed. Imagine how many more things we will be able to experience with the extra years we are likely to be giving ourselves.

I remember my nan's death, I was only four years old. She looked so scary to me as a child. Sunken in eyes, skin hanging off her bones, raspy struggled breath, yellow teeth protruding from shrivelled lips, bony fingers reaching out to touch me and my brother. I ran away from her bed screaming during one visit. How horrid that must have been for her, a dying lady whose own flesh and blood is terrified of being near her. She died at my uncle's and the reason they knew she was dead....the cigarette she was holding was burning her fingers and she didn't flinch.

And yet 10 years later aged 14, I took up smoking myself. You'd have thought that seeing my nan in that state would have put me off. But it just goes to show how tricky and sneaky nicotine can be. My dad still smokes and I'm worried for him as susceptibility to lung cancer is obviously a family trait. He won't listen to anybody about quitting. But I won't let that put me off.

He can't fly cos I've pulled his wings of mwah, ha, ha! He tortured me for two decades, so now it's my turn!:p

Oh that just really made me "Laugh out loud" that my eldest son came over to see what i was laughing at :D

I actually quite liked him................

and yes that was a very good rant!!

snowie x

I was talking about the nicodemon not Orville! x I couldn't harm him, but Keith Harris......

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