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A month or a day?


I thought it time to to say hi to everyone after lurking around on the forum for a while, but never having posted.

I have a bit of a dilema but as I am new, have posted in the Day 1 section.

I quit smoking cigarettes on the 9th Feb , so about a month given the short days of February. I haven't smoked since or wanted one.

I am however using E-Cigs. I tried all the other usual methods ,ie patches, gum, read Allan Carr etc but none of them have allowed me to stay off the fags for this long, being a 20 a day smoker for 20 years prior to that.

I will say that I am using them as a quit aid , not a smoking substitute, which some brands of e-cig do promote themselves as.

I changed my routine , don't go for fag breaks at work and only take puffs when I feel a crave coming on and more or less cut out coffee.

But, I am still in a nicotine purgatory and although I consider myself a non-smoker of cigarettes, I realise and admit to anyone, that I am still a nicotine addict.

I have gone from 18mg to 16mg to 12mg cartonisers ( I am using a rechargable from the supermarket) and the next will be 6 mg for a couple of weeks, then to zero mg.

I just wanted to get the general consensus - has anyone else quit successfully using this method?



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Know absolutely nothing about ECigs. But what I'd like to say that if its helping you not smoke a real cigarette then that can only be good.

So think of ECig as Stage 1. Then Stage 2 - quit ECig! Stage 3 - Non Smoker! Simples!

Fi x


Welcome Jay. I unfortunately have no knowledge of these either, but it sounds like you are doing a great job of cutting down, but until you stop nicotine all together then you will still be addicted to it. I know it is not easy but keep going and eventually youwill be on no mg and I hope that you will find by then, that you have overcome the association of smoking as a habit and lifestyle. Best wishes:)


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