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Day 15


Well in to my 3rd week now and feeling a lot better. The champix is not making me so sicky now. Kids are getting excited as i have saved £170 so far for the ipad. Little weight gain, but tackling that problem now as we are having a fat club weigh in at work with the person losing the most each week will receive £20. I work with the Army and the lads have been fantastic support. Roll on friday :p

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Well done Claire, keep it up! You can tackle any weight gain a lttle further down the line. Looks like you will be getting that ipad!:)

Claire (my daughters name)

You are doing so well my love. Well done:)

Great you have saved your cash, you'll love the IPad, I've never used my Laptop since I've had mine, very user friendly.

And as Max and Haze have said, please don't worry about weight gain, that happens to most of us. You can address that issue later.

Fi x

Thanks everyone, the support means sooo much

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