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Still sitting quietly in the corner


Morning all, hope you're well?

Just checking in after being absent for quote some time; quite a lot has changed since my last visit (and before).

Quitting seems to have triggered quite a few life changes as I seem to have moved from self-destruct mode to actually giving a ... well toss about myself. I started running last Autumn at which point I could barely run for a minute without feeling like I was going the collapse. I ran my first 10k distance (6.45 miles covered) on Saturday without stopping. Was dead slow but the distance hurdle is sorted so can now build up on speed.

I'm 1.5 stone lighter than I was when a smoker. I've still a stone or so to lose but chipping away slowly. I've not lost more as I still seem to like a drink a little too often so that's the next thing to nail.

Last October also saw the arrival of my second daughter. I'm glad I've quit as I now need to save for a second bathroom!

Don't think I'd have ever done it without this place! I'm not a frequent visitor these days as smoking isn't part of my life any more. I appreciate that means I don't support others as I once was supported, but its what I've needed to be a non-smoker. However, I do pop in and secretly egg people on :D


Quit: 08:30 6th August 2011

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Well done

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Martin and also on the running, not forgetting the stopping smoking (you have been busy) That post was great to read! Well done!


Congrats on the success of your quit, and the addition to your family. Things certainly are looking good for you at the moment. Enjoy:)

Fi x

I agree with Kat...

Thanks its nice to read and hear of someone that as been through wot we r all going through.

Addiction wow...

If i would of known this i would of never smoked my first pack of embassy filter lol...

Hi Martin :)

Great to see you posting and still going strong

And congrats to becoming a dad again :D

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




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