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Five more days until I can smoke again!



In five days, it will be a year since I quit smoking. I was thinking about the early days of my quit today, and I remember quite clearly telling myself, "Self? If you reach a full year without smoking, you can have a cigarette."

That technique actually helped because it stopped me from freaking out about how long "the rest of your life" is. It reminded me that smoking is about choice, and that I can choose to smoke - or even better, choose NOT to smoke.

That silly little thought, "If you reach a full year, you can have a cigarette" actually worked for me to conquer some of those early craves.

Of course, the irony is that now that I'm nearly there, and could soon have a cigarette, I don't want one at all. And the other irony is that each of us, any of us, could choose to "have a cigarette" if we wanted at any time. This is all about choice, folks.

If could choose to have one, you can also choose NOT to have one. It's not all that complicated! ;)

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Awesome as always Dgee!

An early Congratuations for your forthcoming arrival to the Penthouse. I wanted to stop by now to say it as I'm not going to be on the forum on your 1 year date.

Its very motivating to read posts from those further on in their quit , I can only imagine that the sense of achievement and freedom is very exciting !

Enjoy your 1 year anniversary

Donna x :)

I used to say that but every day. If I do today I can smoke tomora

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