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Trying to quit smoking


I have been smoking for the past 11 years. I will spent Rs.90/day for smoking. I am trying to give up my smoking habit from yesterday.Usually my friends wont motivate me.But this time all of my friends were motivated me.

Yesterday I have saved 90 INR without saving.

I have tried more than 10 times to quit smoking but i cant able to stop smoking.

Please guide me to stop smoking in upcoming days.



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Hi Kumaresan,

Nobody said it was easy, and almost everyone on this forum have tried numerous times to quit.

But it can be done, as we are discovering! The support of this forum is a great help - everyone here knows exactly how it feels.

Quitting isn't impossible. All you have to do is take one day at a time. You can go without a cigarette for one day right? Of course you can! So just say to yourself "I choose not to smoke today" and don't worry about tomorrow. Before you know it, the days and weeks will start to click by.

It is hard to begin with, you need to be determined to succeed. There are SO MANY good reasons to quit and not one good reason to continue. Try making a list of these reasons to help motivate yourself.

Accept the fact that you will feel cravings. Find strategies to distract yourself and keep your hands busy, and try chewing gum or something to help you through the craves. But most importantly remember that no matter how bad they feel at the time, ALL craves DO pass! And also remember (and this is really important) that it does get easier and easier the longer you go on without a cigarette.

All the best to you, be strong, it is really worth the effort!


If you really want to quit then you will, you need to be determined , im fighting this every day, some days are better than others but im getting there and you will too, the longer you go with out a smoke the easier it will get, keep yourself busy, think of other things when you get that craving, try patches or gum maybe ? Wish you luck with it, you can do it, you can go without a smoke and the good thing about it is ....... it won't kill you ;)

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