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A month off of two years

Wow, glad to see this forum is still helping lots of people.

Been reading a few of the posts from new quitters. How difficult was all that? I had a real hard time giving up the cigs, which is why i was so determined. I never wanted to have to struggle like that with anything again. Also, i'm stubborn and no one believed i could do it. Never place bets with me! ;)

Well, as the title says i am a month away from the two year mark. It seems to have flown past. I yearned for this light hearted freedom for years and i finally have it.

I even go out for 'fag breaks' at work with the smokers just because i can. The other day a girl asked how i can sit there with them when they are all smoking, doesnt it make me want one.

My reply wasnt very polite but it was out of my mouth before i had a chance to think about it.

I said 'Hell no, i think your all stupid. Your putting sticks in your mouth and setting light to the end of them. They make you stint, turn your fingers and teeth yellow, cost a fortune and WILL eventually kill you.' She laughed. I dont think shes ready to quit yet :rolleyes:

I used to smoke by the back door mostly but sometimes in the house when the children had gone to bed. I thought as they wasnt next to me they would be okay, i had ALOT to learn. :eek:

Anyway....I remember (can't think if i ever wrote this in a post at the time) when i had been quit maybe a week or two and i was diving down the huge washing basket of 'clean clothes' looking for my childrens school uniform to iron it. When i found it i was appalled. It stank like an old ashtray. I was so embarrassed.

This was so-called clean washing and it smelt. My children must have been going to school smelling like that for years. :o

I was so disgusted with myself. I felt so guilty. Why hadnt someone said something? Or had they and i hadnt listened? I had to rewash the whole lot. Then i had abit of a thing about washing curtains and cushions, just trying to make the smells go away. OCD for a while there.

I might pop back on my two year mark to offer some advice to the newbies.

Take care all

Karen x

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