No Smoking Day
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Time flying by

Well have now done 4wks smokefree!!! I could say that it is also a full month cos feb only has 28 days, haha. Down to half a patch a day now and it really is getting easier. Hardly any craves at all now, dont miss smoking one little bit, think it is disgusting and actually feel that smokers are kind of minging. Had a dream that i'd forgotten id stopped smoking and had a fag without thinking about it, felt soo bad in the dream. Even though things are going well i will always be looking over my shoulder in case nic tries to lure me back. Its really helped me to remember that there is no such thing as having just one fag, it is not an option!!! :)

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Well done Denise, that is fab :D

Lol, you're using one of my favourite words - minging - and you're right smoking is minging!!

You've got the right attitude, am sure you're going to make it!!


Well done Denise,:)


Excellent Denise, you go girl!!! Well done you! Keep it up! Xx


Really well done Denise,to do a mth is great.Now you can go the whole way!!

Minging...........yes........a good


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