Time Flies..Into Month 3 Now!

Wow..2 months today since I last smoked, the time has passed so quickly.

I am so happy to be smoke free it makes a huge difference to someones life I

reckon. I must say that I feel like a non-smoker now, in that I certainly don't

like the stale smell of smoke. I walk past the smoking shelter at work and think

aye, that used to be me, but not any more :)

I still get the odd strong crave, alcohol is a trigger I find, but on we go towards

the penthouse retreat we all aim for.

Thanks Guys and Gals

5 Replies

  • congrats!! hope I will be at the same point soon

  • Glad to see it is going so well, good on you, you must be proud :) x

  • Lovely post.

    I can see you are made for the penthouse, and the finer things in life.:)

    Pleased for you:)

  • Well done that man! :D

    Fantastic achievement, Marty, and lovely to hear how positive you sound. I definitely think the Penthouse is beckoning. :)

  • Well done,really pleased for you.

    It's true,time does fly the further into your quit you go :D

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