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No Smoking Day
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The Days Are Flying By!

I'm pleased to say that all is going well. I'm now at the stage where I have to check how many days its been, which is great! Its day 21 by the way!

I am finding that I'm getting through days at a time without even thinking about smoking. I am encountering new situations which I have not been in as a non-smoker but am dealing with them ok, thinking about why I'm doing this and getting through them.

All is good and long may it continue. I'll be honest and say I'm amazed that it hasn't been more difficult (there have been plenty of wobbles but in general it has been ok) but I really do believe that when you want to quit, you can.

Hope everyone else getting on ok?


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Hi Stu :D

Well done you on day 21 that's great

Pleased to hear it's not been a hard as you expected it to be keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Indeed and i'll second that!

Well done Stu! The feeling of well being is great isn't it :)

I feel so much calmer and more relaxed this last 2 weeks and despite the odd wobble (same as you describe), recognised it for what it was, and it was much easier.

Nice one :)


Gosh i wish i were like you guys, every day i have to choose not to smoke, fight the good fight and put up with the moods, craves and general discomforts, so glad that you don't have to it gives me hope for the future(day 17 today)


Hi Stu!:D

Congratulations on 21 days - that's terrific - I say that because I am on Day 21 too (as is Joan!:D) and I know just where you are.

Many many congratulations!:D


Well done Stu...

Hi Stu,

Well done for getting to 21 days, Its true when you really want to stop you really can, I found my mind set very different this time as it sounds like you have also.

Take each day as it comes and before you know it your at 21 days!!! I think im around 25 days now!!!! It is a great feeling (most of the time!!)

Well done mate, keep going strong.

Chrisps :D


well done stu, you must feel great, you sound so postive too :) you doing good


Thanks for the replies everyone. Glad so many other people are getting on ok too.

Bev - it hasn't always been easy. I had a really, really difficult 4 days from day 12 to 15 and of course the first 3 days were very hard but I think if you can get the right thoughts in your mind and just concentrate on those then you can get through it. I still have to fight the urge not to smoke but I do fight that urge and every day it gets a little easier by practising to be a non-smoker.



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