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3 hours = 3 days = 3 weeks = 3 months

Just a quick note to say with some pride I'm 3 months ciggie free today cold turkey, and I feel great. long way to go but I'm sure I'm over the worst of it. However I will never forget what it is like at the 3rd day and i know it's hard but I used a little trick which might just help you get through.

When I was at day one I told myself if I could do 3 hours, then I could do 3 days. And when I got to 3 days I told myself I could do 3 weeks. They were a tough 3 weeks for sure but they do eventually pass and then I told myself I could do 3 months...and here I am.

It's hard I know but if you can make it past the 3rd day, you should find it starts getting better. It definately starts getting easier after 3 weeks in my case.

And here at 3 months? Just peachy baby, just peachy. Steady away and looking forward to...yep you guessed it...3 years!

If you get past today you are totally strong enough to beat it. Just don't expect miracles, avaoid other smokers and alcohol (I know!!) and face up to the fact that you will get cravings, but they will and do get easier. Seriously i know it feels like it will never improve but others told me that it does and i thought it would be different for me and it would never get easier..but they were right. It does. Keep going dudes!!


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3 months is great Ollie, well done :)

Lisa x



Fantastic post and inspiration.Really great news Ollie.:D


Fantastic Gladia8tor! Really well done, you should be so proud of your self.:)


Hi there Ollie, it's great to see you posting again, you're such a positive influence, this place has missed you.

Huge well done on getting through the tough times and getting to 3 months. No looking back now

Molly x


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