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3 full months yay

I am so happy that it is three full calendar months since I last smoked. I threw my cigarettes in the dog poo bin, so I wouldnt get them out but I really did not expect to survive a day without them. And here I jolly well am, and I am so proud. I know there is a long way to go yet, I do get a little freaked by the year stopped and then started again stories, but I really hope I dont, this time there is no little voice telling me lies, that I have proved I can stop so now I can just have the ones I really want. I dont want any and I dont need them either. I have learned so much about smoking, addiction and my own silly fragile wonderful self, and I have been so heartened by the love and concern and sheer strength and honesty of all you wonderful fellow travellers. Thank you a million times, especially all my special ones, the funny ones like Nifty and Kitkat and loopy and the gorgeous warm kind people like May and Una and Nutmeg and Kazzytee, and the legends like Hellesbelles and carol, and the spiky ones who offer a new take, and the havent got a clue newbies and the hate NRTs and the like NRTs and everyone who comes here to give or get some help. Should never have named names, bound to have left out whole populations. Better stop I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. THANK YOU xxxx

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Mrsm, congratulations. A great quit, no fears for the future, I know you've got it sorted :)

I'm not sure I'm much of a legend. I feel I should at least have a sword and a furry bikini or something, like Zena. But thankyou for the namecheck xxx

H xx


Massive well done Mrsm, you should be proud, 3 months is great and you're a wonderful leader of the November quitters!! I think you're right, reading and understanding as well as support from fellow quitters really does help, particularly in the beginning!

Bet you're glad you didn't reach back in to the bin for the fag pack....

I'll be joining you shortly, get the champers open!!

Karen x


Mrs M

Great post

I was logged off and showered and ready for bed and came on for a last look, (that can be another 2 hours!!)

Just had to log on again to say, WELL DONE my love. I had a feeling that you would make this quit the 'sticky one'. You are a Star:)

You have been a supportive sweetie on this Forum too and have been missed this past wee while.

Fi x


Spelt it wrong though but you are a legend to me, and you would look great in a fur bikini, whereas I would look like a target for a big game hunter, but that is another battle.Thank you so much for all you words of wisdom. I was just ahead of you in your quit but faltered in the January, so relieved to have come back to my senses.


Aw thank you Fi, I will come here more often. I owe this forum and if I can help others it gives something back, Also I dont wanna get complacent.


Karen that champagne is well iced, but Im just the 1st of the november quitters. You are the leader.


That's fantastic, mrsm. A massive well done from me. I am so chuffed for you reaching this milestone. :D:D


oh beckysharp with my favourite user name ever. Thank you so much.



Oy.......Molly...........MrsM's 'ere!.....look sharp!

She's just finishing off her speech......shouldn't be long now :)

And so you deserve to sound like the Paltmeister mrsm..... I'm sure some of us were wondering if we'd lost you back to the dark side.....but there you've been ... quietly kickin' @ss!! :D

Nice dress by the way.....can't go wrong with a little black number.

The red carpet's been hoovered and the vol au vent's and champers chilled....

Cymro will be skating past very shortly if you can grab a glass off his tray......he's not worked out how to stop yet! :)

You can't miss him....he's the one with the hairy legs!

Anyway....I digress.

It's great to hear from you.

n'Huuuuuuuge congrats getting here.....good .... innit? :)

Take care




Thanks to all, glad you liked the gown Nifty, I must correct an impression that I think newbies arent worth bothering with, I love everyone honest!


Wow, Mrsm, well done!

I've been off looking after my dad. It's so flipping awesome to hear from you and even better to have you here xxx

You have done absolutely brilliantly and our "quit crew" would so not be the same without you!

Anyway, Greg is on bathroom cleaning duty, would you mind just nipping in and checking his work? Don tells me you are the lady for it!!

I'm so so chuffed you're with us Mrsm, as Greg said we were worried about you x

Brilliant lady :D

Molly x

Reply come I get to clean the bathroom again?!?

Wasn't me that left toe nail clippings on the side of the bath!!

Don't want to....not going to...phnerrrr!

Oh of the kitchen timers has just gone!

Don't panic Captain Mainwaring.....DON'T PANIC!!!



Can I just say Greg, mrsm told me that generally men don't clean properly "behind" the loo! Hop to it chuck, you've still got tea to make xx


Myy woorddd!

Busy Busy!!


Too true, get stuck in quit buddy mine, prove your worth!!!!



Oh my giddy aunt.....

Miss Whiplash 2013.........heeeyyyyaaalllppp!!

Or maybe just a slave driver............

Right.....I'm going...I'm going! :rolleyes:



C'mon Greg, thought the tea would have been on the table by now!!


All done and dusted Karen :)

Was actually quite edible too!

Spam in Larger....could catch on! :)

Followed by a wafer thin mint!

Bon Appetit! ...... (like in Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life) :D


Spam a lot...mmmm!


awesome! reading such post inspire others to continue their own battle. Imagine - whole 3 months!


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