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No Smoking Day
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Think I am a non smoker!

This has to be true after the day I have had!

Started badly when we realised there was no milk (son had hidden it, he's 13 and has special needs) . No fag or cuppa, not a good start, hubby went to shop for milk, then found the other one under the boyos bed!

Next, work was horrendous, followed by yearly appointment at ear nose and throat dep... been going 13 years and have never had less than a 1 hour wait and today was no exception with a very tetchy teen, they then sent us to pharmacy, another 20 minute wait, in between all this my 17yr old was texting me to ask where her work trousers were, every 5 minutes after every place she looked! Just got in now, as then saw her at the bus stop and had to give her a lift to work....

All this and still no craving for a fag, oh, have to pick her up from work too! :rolleyes:

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Sounds like you've got over the worst of quitting if you can get through all that and not crave a cig!

Very well done :D


Oh wow that's fab :D

If you can go through that day from hell and not crave a fag you're doing brilliantly!!


Yep. I think you can safely say that you are a non-smoker after that day ! xx


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