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hi ive seen a lot of people on here have given up using the champix thing , just wanted to know what is was , is it a tablet ? is it nicotine based ? and how does it work ? sorry lots of questions but was interested because a lot of people swear by it , my husband still smokes but gum and e cig didnt help him , this might be a thought (for when hes ready ) .

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Kathryn, CT is Cold Turkey.

More commonly used to describe addicts coming off hard drugs, because the shivering made them look like a cold turkey! No idea about that as I've never had any interest, and in the context of quitting smoking it means simply stopping, and that's it, no aids, no NRT, nothing.

Which is what Net and I are doing. I threw my fags in the bin on Dec 3rd at 7.30pm. I actually don't like the cold turkey simile at all, I've been told I look like many things in my life but never one of those! :confused:


hi thanks for replies , sorry kat c/t is just cold turkey was just being lazy not writing it out , max i wondered what blue pill you were talking about getting from the docs for a minute :) will not be any good for hubby, the champix i mean because hes not of positive mind set about giving up and is on anti depressants at the moment :(


thanks kat i will get the book anyway , im on day 23 but when i have a stressy day i think it might be good to read bits of it to remember why ive given up , ive read a bit of it online , it seems really good :)


Thanks Hawkeye, Very impressed you've done it without any chemical assistance, did you do the Allen Carr book or anything else to help or has it purely been your willpower and the forum?

Nope Kat, I never gave anything else a thought actually, I think I just decided that I wanted to be a non-smoker and that was it. Fags in the bin, up yours tobacco, I'm an alpha male, husband and father, you're only a plant. I'm getting on with life.

This forum is great, as I think you may have worked out, and I hope you find plenty of stuff that resonates with you here. It's a long journey and its wonderful to have the company of like-minded people and the humour of a few loons to lighten the load... :D


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