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Been a long time - Fab Feb Quitters!!


Hi Everyone

Been a long time since I logged on - now fast approaching the 1 year mark on 10th feb - dont quite know how I got here but glad I did!!

For all those starting out keep at it - is so worth it!! I have now set up as a childminder and so am busy busy and work 9 hours days with the wee ones - could never have done it still smoking (and the parents prob wouldn't have picked me) so my life has really changed so much - finally got myself sorted!!

All the best


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Well done Mandy, that is excellent news. I can't wait to be standing in your shoes, but this time next year I will.

Yes you are right, I would never give my children to a child minder who smoked!!

Good on you :D

Thanks Jane!

It will soon fly in for you - I used to read the posts of people who were at this stage and it seemed forever away!! ~The best thing I ever did - only wish I have done it years ago!! :)

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