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Raging mood!

Hi all,

Day 13 and I am just in the worst mood ever! I've told the kids to avoid me as I don't want to take it out on them, luckily the old man is at work but I fear for the safety of the dog!!

I dont have a craving to smoke (still on stage one patches) but I do WANT a cig. (makes sense eh?!). I am walking around my house furious with the mess (rationally, there is none) and could cheerfully throttle someone. I started cleaning nooks and crannies in the kitchen only to find everything is revolting and yellow with nicotine. I want to paint the ceiling, clean every inch and eradicate the fact that I ever smoked in's revolting. Its not as if I smoked in the house often, only the odd few when home alone with doors/windows open.

Sorry I just needed a rant, Internet was down this morning so I couldn't even come on here to calm myself. Stupid bloody smoking why did I ever start grrrrrrrrr

Jane (hopefully be calm again later)

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Hey, I know how u feel well done for getting this far I'm only on day 5 at mo. but I know what you mean about the cleaning I get really angry at the most smallest of mark on the floor lol:o


Put yer dukes up Jane and let's have a rumble then!

Marquess of Queensbury rules of course! :D

I was as prickly as a hedgehog in the early days......I resembled Animal off the Muppets!! :D

Exercise is a great way to get rid of pent up aggression and it releases the feel good endorphin's which helps a lot.

Go for a very brisk walk in the fresh air.

It's blowing a force 9 up here at the moment so going out to walk against it then get blown back all the way......great fun :)

Rant away....

Hope you feel better soon

Take care



Hi Jane,

Am in a bad mood too 'cos I'm trying to cut down on the NRT gum - think I'm acting like a stroppy teenager which isn't good and everything annoys me at the mo :eek:

It'll pass though and it'll be worth it!!


Congratulations, that is two whole weeks tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow is another day and, this feeling will pass.

As for your kitchen, the yellowish colour is probably fom cooking and not from Nic :D


Hi Jane, I know exactly how you feel, You dont need a cig, but you want one! yep, I have sooo been there, and still go there now and again, and my two little dogs have sussed out when to keep out of the way!!! My windows have never been so clean I find it great to attack them when I get that feeling, but Im finding it happens less and less so hang on in there Kid we are in this together!!


3 months in and my house is cleaner than it has ever been................and my anger has all but subsided (except for moments when the kids/hub really do piss my off by doing something stupid).

So remember, it will get easier and easier, until one day, you just dont remember when it stopped!


Ah thanks everyone, today I feel quite normal again!

I blame the weed but the reality is I may well have been in a bad mood if I still smoked, will never know!

Been for my breathalyser and the pharmacist said it is now perfect, woop!

Keep on keeping on lovely people :)


hello there remember this decades of what was done like a habit will not be undone in a few short weeks i have been where u are walked in ur shoes and it passes quitting will not kill us it will make us stronger though even for me the years of puffing away will take awhile yet to be gone for good but its easier now i calculated that in my smoking career i puffed away on 500,000 cigs and so far ive missed 25000 i mean for all things balanced out ive got some work to do yet but its going to happen it just takes time to reboot the brain to where it doesnt remember lighting up well done on your quit you can do this



One year, one month, one week, six days, 11 hours, 0 minutes and 52 seconds. 24627 cigarettes not smoked, saving $14,037.67. Life saved: 12 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 15 minutes.


Fagashnil, I hope your ok today and the beast is locked in a very clean cupboard!

I know the feeling of rage over housework, since not smoking my washing basket is up to date and even the ironing board has been out- much to my partners shock!!!

The feeling will come n go, hopefully we can quieten the feeling down and for the time being get down n dirty with the marigolds!

I think it's really helpful to acknowledge its the fags not that we are mental;)

Enjoy your lovely clean house and take deep breaths.

You have done so well so far keep goingxxx


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