Day Four And Not So Sure

I am now in to day four and I'm simply trying not to expect anything off me. I keep telling myself that if I want a cig tomorrow, then I shall have a cig tomorrow should I still want one.

Tomorrow arrives and I repeat what I said the previous day. One day at a time.

This whole denial thing seems to be working for now. Just. But I'm scared I'm going to weaken and end up down the shop buying 10 fags! If I don't stop this time, imma just gonna accept I'm a smoker and just get on with it. However, I AM going to stop this time, I have to.

To all you other quitters, let's show the nasty demons what we're made of!


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  • Hey Maddy!

    Hey Maddy,

    Sounds like you have got a good mantra in your head - stopping smoking is easy - just don't light up....oh if only it was as easy as it sounds! :D However, if you follow your mantra - then you will get there.

    It's (In my opinion) about retraining the mind - we have built up a network of reasons to smoke; junkie thinking. Every day - you break more of those associations - every day, when you live true to your mantra - your subconcious mind starts to catch up.

    As many will tell you on here - it does get easier - stick with it and you'll get to a stage where you start to stop (if that makes sense) thinking about smoking. The cravings become less intense and life will start to return to normal.

    Your doing great - reward yourself!


  • Thanks Chris, I think I needed that. My head is taking it's time catching up. It still keeps instructing me to have a cig after I've had a meal, after a chore, got in from somewhere blah blah blah My brain does eventually engage and then I feel disappointment because I had wanted a cig lol ahhh I'm gonna do this! Just like you guys. Positive thinking.

    I know it's not much yet, but I've put 12 quid in a jar so far and I'm going to add to this each day. I'm hoping it will be a good incentive.

    Thanks again and wishing you all the best for your quit. We can do it!!

  • I don't know, but I think possibly my sense of smell has improved. My beardie has just done a crap and normally I don't smell it straight away!! Smells rather strong too so who knows, maybe I am improving. I feel altogether slightly better about myself too. Did anyone else feel this so early in the quit? Or am I just imagining it? I shall be honest, I only stopped smoking because I thought I was pregnant but I know now that I'm not and one of my first thoughts was 'oooh I can go and buy some fags now' but you know what? I don't want to. I'm gonna fight the good fight and win.

    Good luck to all you quitters out there too, we can do this!!

  • Well done Maddy, by quitting you will be in the best place possible for when you do conceive, and financially better off.

    I have not found any perks yet from smoking ie sense of taste/smell etc, only spotty skin, heartburn etc, but I am sure they will come eventually :), but others reap the rewards very early on.

    Good Luck on your quit, I know you can do it.

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