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Day Four And Not So Sure

I am now in to day four and I'm simply trying not to expect anything off me. I keep telling myself that if I want a cig tomorrow, then I shall have a cig tomorrow should I still want one.

Tomorrow arrives and I repeat what I said the previous day. One day at a time.

This whole denial thing seems to be working for now. Just. But I'm scared I'm going to weaken and end up down the shop buying 10 fags! If I don't stop this time, imma just gonna accept I'm a smoker and just get on with it. However, I AM going to stop this time, I have to.

To all you other quitters, let's show the nasty demons what we're made of!


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Hey Maddy!

Hey Maddy,

Sounds like you have got a good mantra in your head - stopping smoking is easy - just don't light up....oh if only it was as easy as it sounds! :D However, if you follow your mantra - then you will get there.

It's (In my opinion) about retraining the mind - we have built up a network of reasons to smoke; junkie thinking. Every day - you break more of those associations - every day, when you live true to your mantra - your subconcious mind starts to catch up.

As many will tell you on here - it does get easier - stick with it and you'll get to a stage where you start to stop (if that makes sense) thinking about smoking. The cravings become less intense and life will start to return to normal.

Your doing great - reward yourself!



Thanks Chris, I think I needed that. My head is taking it's time catching up. It still keeps instructing me to have a cig after I've had a meal, after a chore, got in from somewhere blah blah blah My brain does eventually engage and then I feel disappointment because I had wanted a cig lol ahhh I'm gonna do this! Just like you guys. Positive thinking.

I know it's not much yet, but I've put 12 quid in a jar so far and I'm going to add to this each day. I'm hoping it will be a good incentive.

Thanks again and wishing you all the best for your quit. We can do it!!


I don't know, but I think possibly my sense of smell has improved. My beardie has just done a crap and normally I don't smell it straight away!! Smells rather strong too so who knows, maybe I am improving. I feel altogether slightly better about myself too. Did anyone else feel this so early in the quit? Or am I just imagining it? I shall be honest, I only stopped smoking because I thought I was pregnant but I know now that I'm not and one of my first thoughts was 'oooh I can go and buy some fags now' but you know what? I don't want to. I'm gonna fight the good fight and win.

Good luck to all you quitters out there too, we can do this!!


Well done Maddy, by quitting you will be in the best place possible for when you do conceive, and financially better off.

I have not found any perks yet from smoking ie sense of taste/smell etc, only spotty skin, heartburn etc, but I am sure they will come eventually :), but others reap the rewards very early on.

Good Luck on your quit, I know you can do it.


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