Bad at maths

I Havent smoked a ciggy for 8 weeks and 3 days. Iam i in the correct room!?

Anyways i was home for 5 weeks and it was glorious! Had a few pre surf/pre ski cravings...basically when i get really excited i want to smoke! (or did) But was not even close to submitting to the urge! Iam still pretty F*&%ing positive about this quit! For the first 3 weeks or so every morning the first thing i would think about would be smoking. I cant remember exactly when this stopped but prolly once i got home..anyway its gREAT! Not smoking is GREAT iam so proud of myself and you guys have been VERY instrumental in my success so far..specially in the first 2 weeks!!! thank you again wonderforum! :D

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  • Hello Charlie, welcome back!

    Its brilliant to know that you've made it through Christmas, New Year, your birthday!

    You'll be moving into Month 3 on Sunday won't you?

    Huge well done and it's really cool having you back mate, you've been missed :D

    Molly x

  • Cracking job so far chuuurles!

    You quit on 27th so that's when you move into a new month.

    Keep it going, see you in the penthouse in 10 months. It may seem a long time, but it's strange how time starts passing really quickly when you get comfortable in your quit and stop thinking about cigarettes all the time.

  • thanks everybody.. oo so only a few days till i can legally come in here! I figured 8 weeks =2months ? haah it does not matter anyways! :D

    Captain big BIG day for you tomorrow! Huge achievement excellent work! totally hear you about the relief of not thinking about smoking all the time too..

  • Yooooo Charlie....waaaasssssuuuuppppppppp?? :D

    So glad you are cracking this. I remember when you joined thinking this is one of the worlds good guys.....he's gotta win!

    And you are.....which is awesome! :)

    Hope your better half is over the moon for you....if not tell her there's a few online smoking buddies with a passion for trout slapping that would like to make her acquaintance!! :D ..... (only joking Mrs Charlie....)

    Stay strong mucker

    Take care


  • Well done Chuuurles, you are doing a great job of this quitting smoking, so keep going and keep posting we all want to know how you are doing. So pleased for you getting to this milestone:)

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