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Bad at maths

I Havent smoked a ciggy for 8 weeks and 3 days. Iam i in the correct room!?

Anyways i was home for 5 weeks and it was glorious! Had a few pre surf/pre ski cravings...basically when i get really excited i want to smoke! (or did) But was not even close to submitting to the urge! Iam still pretty F*&%ing positive about this quit! For the first 3 weeks or so every morning the first thing i would think about would be smoking. I cant remember exactly when this stopped but prolly once i got home..anyway its gREAT! Not smoking is GREAT iam so proud of myself and you guys have been VERY instrumental in my success so far..specially in the first 2 weeks!!! thank you again wonderforum! :D

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Hello Charlie, welcome back!

Its brilliant to know that you've made it through Christmas, New Year, your birthday!

You'll be moving into Month 3 on Sunday won't you?

Huge well done and it's really cool having you back mate, you've been missed :D

Molly x


Cracking job so far chuuurles!

You quit on 27th so that's when you move into a new month.

Keep it going, see you in the penthouse in 10 months. It may seem a long time, but it's strange how time starts passing really quickly when you get comfortable in your quit and stop thinking about cigarettes all the time.


thanks everybody.. oo so only a few days till i can legally come in here! I figured 8 weeks =2months ? haah it does not matter anyways! :D

Captain big BIG day for you tomorrow! Huge achievement excellent work! totally hear you about the relief of not thinking about smoking all the time too..


Yooooo Charlie....waaaasssssuuuuppppppppp?? :D

So glad you are cracking this. I remember when you joined thinking this is one of the worlds good guys.....he's gotta win!

And you are.....which is awesome! :)

Hope your better half is over the moon for you....if not tell her there's a few online smoking buddies with a passion for trout slapping that would like to make her acquaintance!! :D ..... (only joking Mrs Charlie....)

Stay strong mucker

Take care



Well done Chuuurles, you are doing a great job of this quitting smoking, so keep going and keep posting we all want to know how you are doing. So pleased for you getting to this milestone:)


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