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Newbie on Day 10

Hi Folks,

Just registered as I have been lurking for a few days and found the support, experiences and words of advice on here fantastic!

I am on day ten of my first quit (2nd if you count the fact I stopped temporarily during pregnancy 17 years ago!) and feeling stubbornly determined to succeed as I don't want to do those first 9 days again!

I am on the stage one patches, and getting breathalysers by my pharmacist every week. I also have an inhalator. I was on at least 30/day for the last five years or so, and twenty a day for donkeys years before. I think I had my first puff of nicotine at about 11 and I am 42 now.

The cravings are thick and fast, but I have so far only had one major meltdown on Day 7 where I could cheerfully have gouged my own eyeballs out! I am eating loads which is not great as a diabetic!

Thanks for helping me through so far, hope to get to know you better!


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Hi Jane, loving the name!!

Well done on making such a good start, am on patches too and have needed some gum as well when I get bad cravings so maybe that would help you too?

Good luck and keep posting!!

Gemma x


fag ash nil(F.A.N.)

Good morning F.A.N. love your nom-de-plume. Like youself I went down the N.R.T. route plus I attended Smoking Cessation Classes for 6 could have been an 8 week period at a local Health Centre.

Like yourself I was tested on a regular basis both at the chemists when collecting the patchs and at the beginning of each class.

Personnally I found the Forum very helpful indeed soley from the fact I was able to see that what I was experiencing was par for the course.

Apparently quitting smoking is harder then quitting drinking alcohol and I can personnally vouch for that being some 22+ years sober via A.A.

So when the heebie jeebies come calling hang on in there they will pass

This quitting process is not easy but it does get easier.

Regards and Best wishes with your Quit

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glasgow


Thanks for your replies! Been a good day so far, hope it's the same for y'all :)


Welcome Jane and what a great decision to quit smoking! You have come to the right place for support and encouragement with like minded people. Keep it going and keep posting to let us know how it is going for you.:)


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