No Smoking Day
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I'm still here :)

Sorry been a while since I checked in. Just a quickie (that's what she said) haven't had a cancer stick yet! Had catch up drinks with my step father (that was hard to not smoke - instead I had some of his e-cig. It's just vapour so no guilt! Although my throat was a little sore after that!

I've been enjoying the harsh aussie summer sun the past week while I've taken time off work. I've developed a new routine :) although I need to do something about this extra beef I'm carrying!

Until next time!

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Good on ya

Good on ya thrill house - great to see you're still off the fags.

Australia Day will be your next big challenge. I had just quit last year & Australia Day celebrations happened. I signed up to the "Clean Australia Day" campaign to help take my mind off it. It helped - I was cleaning up the banks of the Brisbane River while everyone else was getting drunk! I picked up hundreds of cigarette butts.


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