No Smoking Day
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Day 15

:) and doing alright! Physically much easier sleeping better now. My brain still keeps telling me it would be nice to have one but im ignoring it. Hubby mentioned before that its nice now i dont smell of smoke (his never smoked) and my boys are no longer moaning at me that id promised to give up.

Looked at my statistic counter i have on my phone and ive not smoked over 103 cigs. so every time my brain tells me go on just one.. i remind myself it wouldnt be one it would be over 100 by now :eek: Keeps me on track!

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Totally agree and great work on getting to this point!

I read an article once that said how it's easier when you have a chain, it means more to break it. And you've done exactly that - 100 is not worth one.

In reality one could and probably will be a thousand.

That's what I'm telling myself...


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