Wigston stinks

Went to my local town today, everyone seemed to be smoking, the air in the street was stinking. I did not like it at all. Cant believe the change in me. We moved here recently from a slightly posher place, where I tended to be the only person smoking in the street, and would try and hide it if I saw someone I knew. Fat chance. They must have thought me ridiculous. I know that if I was still smoking I would be saying that I prefer it here because you can smoke in the street without feeling like a pariah, but I felt so sorry for them all. trapped in their filthy habit. Bleugh so glad I am on the road to recovery from this awful addiction.

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  • That all sounds good to me mrsm.....I'm actually glad you hate it!

    That means you're going even further in the right direction...down the right road! :)

    I did a "Wha!" double take when I read your thread title.

    I thought you'd been to my local town...Wigton! .... and it really stinks!!.....it's got a plastics factory slap bang in the middle of it! pooooooo! :)

  • Hi Mrsm, I know just what you mean. Where I come from I feel in the minority. I was walking the other day and a bloke ask me for a light and when I told him I didn't smoke (made me feel seriously excellent btw) he looked soooo shocked. I didn't realise until I quit how many people smoke here!

    Molly x

  • Oh it's just horrible isn't it?

    I went into town here after work to post something I sold on eBay and a couple of girls walking in front of me lit up, I was stupidly proud of myself 'cos I grumbled to myself about the foul smell and crossed the road - that's totally different to my last quit when I was feeling jealous of people still smoking!!

    Think when you hate it, it's a really positive sign :D

    Gemma :)

  • I know, it proper reeks doesn't it - what bubble were we living in when we thought nobody would notice if we smoked outside?!?

    We have seen the light......

  • Its not really got much going for it smoking . has it? I really dont know what i ever saw in it . im quit for 15 mths now and can honestly say its the best thing iv ever done and surprisingly not that difficult cant beleive it took me 30 odd or more years to pluck up the courage to do it . no regrets about stopping, at all. keep going it gets loads better.


  • MrsM, were you outside Tesco in South Wigston by any chance. The entrance to their stinks.

    On the other hand it really does depend where you come from because to be fair you are being rather hard on an area that is generallly a very non smoking and generally most people I know are non smokers.

    I'm sorry as someone who lives in the area born and bred, I'm not impressed with the reference it is a stinky dirty horrible place, its no worse than many provincial towns and peoples behaviors reflect that. Smokers will be wherever you go.

    By the Wigston is not a dive it is a small town that is used by the people of several surrounding areas including some posh areas that the op was referring to previously living in.

    Sorry I've edited to elaborate my comments further.

  • I know, it proper reeks doesn't it - what bubble were we living in when we thought nobody would notice if we smoked outside?!?

    We have seen the light......

    Don't know about you Karen, but I was convinced I didn't smell of smoke unless I'd just had one - yeah right :eek:

  • No offence meant.

    So sorry to cause offence. I love Wigston. I love living here and couldnt be happier. Just happened to be walking around outside Boots and everyone walking by was smoking and it was in the air. I did not like that. Interestingly I went to Oadby this pm and 2 people were smoking outside the library and Oadby stank too. Should have called this thread smoking stinks cos that is what I meant.

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