No Smoking Day

What a stink!!


Today I faced the ironing basket for the first time since hospital (husband is trained to do his own).

I was ironing work stuff from before I was ill and it stinks!

Will it eventually wash out or do I need to throw stuff out cos of the fag smell?

My oldest most favourite work shirts are, predictably, the worst, and I would hate to loose them but the smell was horrible.....

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It does stink doesn't it! Bit of a coincidence here really my sister gave me a big black bag full of clothes - hand me downs from her daughter to mine. She's still a smoker, well when I started going through the bag I nearly lost me lunch. it smelt horrendous. Anyway to put your mind at rest once they'd been washed and rinsed in a double dose of fabric conditioner they were good as new - so all your clothes will be fine.:)


I just wanted to say (Forced2Quit) that I have read your story about how you came to stop smoking accidentally and I think you are doing really well.

You are a really tough cookie and sensible with it and I am really wishing you all in the best in your quit programme. This could be the making of you!

I really wish you every success in your endeavours.

Well done you!:D

P.S - it does stink doesn't it? I hate the smell of tobacco and smoke now!


Annasmummy & Lisa,

Thanks for the replys. I went back to the items after they had cooled to put them in the wardrobe & the smell was gone - just conditioner again, it was only during the ironing they were bad - it must be absolutely ingrained into the fabric :eek:

Lisa - Thanks for the booster words there. I think I'm doing okay just now, but I've got a lot ahead of me - I'm particulaly concerned about going back to work (parttime) next week as I'll face lot of familiar triggers for the first time, even though I will be over 7 weeks in by now.

Most of our family on both sides are smokers and they keep saying it's just my luck to do something like this by mistake - I am known to get the breaks if you like in life. I keep telling them anyone can do it - but o course they don't want to know :rolleyes:

I will see my baby sister in two weeks time and I need to grill her - she had a stroke a few years ago, at the age of 27, and gave up smoking for 5 months. I cannot get it out of her on the phone what made her restart - but I plan to find out face to face.....:D

I think everyone out there is much better than me because you all made a decision to stop - I couldn't face doing that in case I failed.....:o

Anyway heres to a clean future..!!


As far as I am concerned there is very little difference between deciding to stop smoking and deciding to stay stopped after a period when you couldn't smoke, so you should not do yourself down for your great achievement.

The thing is with triggers is that they will happen, they will continue to crop up from time to time. Be constantly aware of that and prepared to face them down. Practice comes into it as you face and beat cravings and triggers, and no doubt you have years of smoking habit to unlearn and associations to break.

Good luck with your return to work.




You dont know me much but i have been a member since march 07.

Please dont sell yourself short you are doing really well. Now you are out of hospital and home you are the on not smoking you have made your own qiut yours. hope that makes sence. my mates mum has been in hospital very ill with copd. I have told her about you and how your doing so well she is having a very bad time with her quit im hoping she sees the light soon. linda xxxx


I think everyone out there is much better than me because you all made a decision to stop - I couldn't face doing that in case I failed.....:o

Were all equal here, and whats the worst that can happen if you try to quit and it fails? You've far more to lose if you smoke.

Keep it up you seem to be doing just great. Face those triggers and you WILL come through the other side a much happier healthier person


I think everyone out there is much better than me because you all made a decision to stop - I couldn't face doing that in case I failed.....:o

Anyway heres to a clean future..!!

Nah, you don't get out of it that easily. When you first came onto this site you were swithering about going back to smoking. But, you took the sensible, and I would imagine difficult, decision and decided to stop smoking...for good.

And another thing whilst I'm on my soapbox...nobody is better than others; we are all the same :p

There are difficulties whilst people go through their individual quits. But you've already realised that the education method coupled to your preferred whatever it may be helps to make for an easier time.

It's good to read that you are feeling a lot better (in another post) and I hope to see you on the cycle paths sometime next year. I'll be the old guy with the creaking knees :D



Not been on here for a few days - thanks for the kind words - it feels good to be one of you :cool:

Feel much stronger mentaly - ready for the next challenge.

Cavalier - Can't wait to get out and about again, will let you knowour plans!

Sunday was a glorious day weather wise, would have loved to be out getting rosy cheeked :D


Hello forced 2 quit

A fellow edinburgher!

You should try Fairy Liqi tabs - smell amazin and keep your clothes fresh for so much longer than powder.

I was out with girlfriends on Saturday and I can't explain the joy of sniffin my new top on Sunday morning (lol, I know) and it not hummin of fag reek.. brilliant!

Keep it up!


Hello Smoke Free Me,

Pleased to meet you.....

Best bit up here is not freezin your ar$e off outside in winter surely...:D


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