Day 10....see ya!

10 days done! Who'd have thought?!

Been a funny old day...couldn't stop thinking about smoking for some reason...probably boredom!

Thankfully a much busier day at work planned for tomorrow so that should make things a little easier!

For some crazy unknown reason I have just signed up to do a 26 mile walk for charity in June....that means ill have to stay off the smokes!

I think 2013 will be an interesting year....!

3 Replies

  • Why thank you! I shall keep everyone updated!

    It's purely a selfish reason to do it- there ain't no way I could walk 26 mile as a smoker so this is another reason to stay smoke free!

  • Congrats!! You are one day ahead of me - so officially my inspiration!! Don't give up now!! :)

  • Thanks! Ill try not to let you down!

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