I survived the pub!

Ok, I am a wee bit inebriated but I feel somewhat pleased with myself so please bear with me, I survived a formulaic Saturday which is big test for a day twelver like myself. Firstly I went to see my favourite team (lose as usual) and my friends were smoking before and afterwards: then we went to the pub, now I admit, I felt like I envied them at times,however, smokers really do smell. I think I drank at twice normal pace but I survived and I sincerely hope you guys make it through Saturday too: this is the big one I think: it is the zenith of the social week. Tomorrow would be day 13 and if we get there then be proud cos that's doing it! Love and respect.

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  • Well done......we all have our times and places where we feel the need more......and you have won your first game......keep it up and win the league.......

  • good on you simon!

    Well done surviving the pub! Does that make you feel as though you can handle the pub from now on?!

    I'm still being a hermit :-) but its working for me!


  • Heehee !! Look at you go man !! You should be very proud indeed! Good job :)

  • It's not over; not by a long way

    Guys, thanks for your support. Much appreciated. A couple of pointers, firstly, I never think for a minute that this is it. Ramasus- my wife is away in a couple of weeks. And faced with an ' empty' Saturday I'm scared at the thought as normally this is the reason to go overboard ( ie no peer pressure) on the cigs so I think you have it much harder tonight, I think if you can keep the demons at bay then that is a much bigger result than the one I've managed to get today so I wish you my best. Just think if we are still talking this time next week then that's day 20 and that sounds serious!

    Ok a joke:

    Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel prize?

    Because he was outstanding in his field !!!!

    I know lots more that are ruder but I hardly know you guys.

    Strength posse!

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