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Day 10, last night was tough, damn wine!!!

Hiya guys,

Had a bit of a tough night last night.....not mega strong cravings...but cigs were playing on my mind ALOT. I had a good day in work and ive gotten into this realllly bad habbit of if i have a good day im like takeaway and wine tonight as a treat!!! So i stuffed my face and drank a bottle of wine. Cigs cigs cigs....i could really go one, could i be a social smoker....what would one be like now, im eating like a pig, if i started smoking id not be eating so much. This was my thought chain!

But i got through it. I really need to stay off the wine as it soooooo weakens me. But what to do eh! I do enjoy a glass of wine especially at the weekends.

My pals asking me to go out tonight, and i really want to see her and have a catch up. But i know theres such a big chance that ill smoke. Am i strong enough...this is where i always fail...but i suppose i need to face this at some point??????

Good luck all. Pretty pleased im in double figures......:)


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i'm on day 11 and am now finding it harder than the first week it should be getting easier, but its not but i wont give in i hope, just need to stay strong like the rest of you.



Hi Sarahgum,

can completely understand where you are coming from. Alcohol can be the devil in disguise when you are quitting smoking - they do say to avoid it for a while until you are settled into a routine of not smoking.

As for meeting up with your friend - I presume she smokes? Again they say avoid situations where you think that you might fail, could this be one for you?

Or you can dig deep and remember why you quit smoking in the first place and take this resolve with you to meet your friend - why should the nicotine monster make you miss out on meeting up with your friends.

from my experience I just went at it head on. My mother smokes like a chimney 40-50 a day getting the resolve to go and see her about 2 weeks into my quit was like well i'll either come out stronger or I wasn't ready to quit this time. Needless to say i came out stronger and actually my mother smokes less when she is around me now.

You are stronger now and I say go for it.


Oh I know how you feel Sarah!!

Have managed to drink - even go out with friends - without smoking but it is trickier.

Am into my 2nd month now :D and I still get cravings when i drink but they are much less than they were.

Good luck!!

Gemma x


Sarah, I chose to meet it head on, and actually quit at 7.30pm just as I was going out for food and a beer. Ooer, that was a risk, hey! So I'm with J23 on this one and Gemma too, and suggest if you do feel strong enough then go out! It's Friday!

You can't live like a nun just because the idea of smoking is a bit scary?

I'm a wine drinker too, but think of it this way. With a cigarette wine was just a form of alcohol, nothing more. Used for the weekend wind down.

With a better sense of smell and taste, spend a couple of quid more (you can afford it now!) on a better bottle and savour it as it's supposed to be, as you would a really good restaurant dish.

Smell it, taste it, appreciate that it no longer tastes of stale ash. Just try and think of it differently, better, not as alcohol but flavoursome stuff that makes you feel good. It may not work, but has for me, you could try it?? And I now expect to want to smoke when drinking, which means I'm prepared to deal with it as I know it's going to happen beforehand.

Billy, it's a long old process, and your feelings are to be expected, as the first week is a honeymoon period where not smoking is novel and you're pleased with your decision, and life's a bit different. Then it starts to take stamina, willpower, determination and support which you'll find in abundance here. YOU'RE DOING REALLY WELL!

It's an up-and-down process, there will be bad days and good days. And with every week that passes trust me - the bad days become less bad and the good days get better. Good luck, keep going and post your thoughts here - you will feel better and help others in the process, thanks!


In the 1 year I've been on this forum I've seen so many people post about a failed quit because they went out during the early days of the quit, had a few drinks, smoked and then woke up in the morning regretting it.

Some people can do it, some people can't.

You have said yourself "I really need to stay off the wine as it sooooooo weakens me" and "I know there's such a big chance that I'll smoke"

I think you know what decision you should make as you know yourself better than anyone.

The question you should ask yourself is "Would I rather drink right now or keep my quit?"

You may think I'm harsh, but I don't want to see you post tomorrow that you smoked.

Go out and drink soft drinks until you are confident in your quit.

It won't kill you to drink soft drinks for a few weeks/months, but it may well kill you if you keep on smoking.

Whatever you decide, good luck.


thanks guys


Thanks for the responses. I'm not going to go out with my friend as I cannot go out and drink soft drinks - that's a terrible admission isn't it! But true. And I can't trust myself not to smoke if I'm drinking. I think I'd be best avoid alcohol altogether for now....oh I don't know. I think the weekend would be sooo boring without a few drinkies?! I can drink in my house with my bf, and not smoke...I did last fri + sat + last night....he would never let me smoke in any case. But life not smoking is definately easier without alcohol....decisions decisions. Best thing for me to do tonight would be hit the pool and just take it easy afterwards.

I will definately NOT SMOKE

Thanks again xxx


thank you for your comments Hawkeye yes it is going to be a long slog but one i think is well worth it

my cough has already gone so I am seeing the benifits and reading some of these posts help as well.

again thank you.



I'm with you Sarah & Rustler

Hi y'all,

I'm a new poster and a day 11 quitter as well, I have been "lurking" but it's taken me awhile to get through the registration protocol. So hello there

I totally emphasise with you:Sarah and Rustler. The weekends are brutal. I can cope with the weekdays thanks to work but I can't face social occasions without smokes, it's as if the world has less colour at the weekend, all my friends will be down the pub laughing ( and smoking) whilst I am watching the four walls, is this it from now on? If so, it sucks!and poor Mrs P is getting the "benefit" of my mood swings; I went into a kind of trance looking at the tobacco display in my local shop,the urge- it becomes omnipresent from about 3pm on a Friday. And to top it all I have to go and watch my rubbish football team tomorrow which would have me chain smoking after the match, under normal circumstances.

I can't face the shame in buying smokes but tomorrow will be a test, and undoubtedly booze will be drunk. Someone told me it takes thirty days to break a habit which sounds kinda right.

Anyway, fortitude brothers and sisters: may we face the weekend with strength.


welcome simon

Hiya simon,

I must admit I've not had bad mood swings....I've not been grumpy, down or irritable or anything....maybe because I use the gum? And I take the 'sleep time' tablets from boots so I've been sleeping good. If I wasn't sleeping I certainly would be a grump!

Well done gettin thus far simon and thanks for joining us - the more the merrier! Its tough going but we can do this.

I went swimming as planned which killed some time. And ill do the same tomoro. And the next day lol just got to keep bizy!



Hello SimonP and welcome !!

Dear Sarah, it would appear that I am one of the lucky few that can tip my glass and not fear for smoking. Now isn't that something for me to celebrate startiing this evening and straighton through the weekend Hee Hee !!! :eek:


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