Good Morning Day 8 :)

Hiya guys,

Well I've leapfrogged into this section :-) ooooo feels gooood!

I used to smoke 2 cigs in my house in the morning before work. I would literallly lean over to turn off my alarm and grab a cig in one swoop! And then another cig after I'd do my hair. Sooooo as of tomoro am gona start setting my alarm a wee ten mins later :-) another wee brucey bonus due to kicking this stinking habbit!!! Result :-)

Good luck for today y'all



3 Replies

  • Hey Sarah, massive well done in reaching your second week and setting your alarm 10 mins later is always a bonus!!

  • Well done Sarah, you're doing brilliantly!!

    Know what you mean, I used to wake up and head straight downstairs and out the kitchen door - however cold and wet it was to have a fag, but am loving not having to.

    It's all the little bonuses you get that make it feel so good :D

  • How wonderful!

    Great to see you here, Sarah. Keep up the good work!



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