No Smoking Day
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This part of the forum seemed so far away!

The day I had my last cigarette it feels like a life-time ago, but it's only day 9!

Just checking in, not really struggling too much anymore. I still have the same fire in my belly to quit and remain a non-smoker. I don't think about it as much as I used to. Slowly getting used to not smoking. It takes a while to form a new habit and break the old habit so once this month passes I can look back on things now and compare!

Day Number 2 without NRT :eek:

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Good Stuff

Hey Thrill,

Glad to hear you are doing so well. It does seem like a very long time ago doesn't it. Congrats on day 2 no NRT. I threw out my E-cig this morning, think it was a really bad idea to begin with.... hopefully my headaches will cease now, we'll see soon enough.

I can't wait to get to the end of the month, that will feel like such an accomplishment won't it !! I am hoping by then some of the major cravings I have in the evenings will begin to subside.

I think you are well on your way to staying an ex smoker bravo!! I think you got this ;)

Whenever I think about smoking I just remind myself how far I have already come and I refuse to go backwards.

Peace ~S


Time distortion!

Yep! I'm exactly the same - in terms of the time that is. It does feel so long ago when I used to stink of smoke and complain how cold it was in the garage! Haha!

It's great to hear you sounding so positive. Not sure if I'm there today... It's as if I'm fighting it and one minute I feel elated with giving up, the next I'm missing it. How silly.

Anyhoo, very well done! yay!




You are all doing great:D Keep it up, it's so worth it.

Haha that made me laugh re garage reference Nik...I used to get bawled at for having heating on at full blast, then opening back door and standing at it while I had a fag. xx


Hi Thrill

Well done :)

It is very strange how time passes in the early goes so quickly and yet seems to last forever!! idea what that is all about!

Maybe we enter some sort of time warp! aka Back to the Future!

"when this baby hits 88mph you're gonna see some serious sh1t!" :D

It does take time to eradicate decades of habit from the subconscious ....but sounding as positive as you WILL happen :)

Keep going

Take care




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