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Boiler Gone Bye Bye!

Morning all

I woke up this morning .... (that would make a great line for a blues song! :D) .... to find water all over the utility room floor!

Seems the combi boiler has committed suicide through the night!

Think it must have thought it was being over-worked and under paid!

What was my first thought?

You guessed it....a smoke......then as quickly as I thought of it was gone!

GET IN! - I enjoyed that feeling!...

Now my only thoughts are, I'm sick of mopping this up, it's bloody freezing in here, where's that heating engineer got to I rang him 2 hours ago, wonder what we're having for tea!!

You know, the usual crap!

Just thought I'd share to show it does get better......

Yeah we still have the crap to deal with.....and it would be there whether we smoked or not........ best peeps? :)

Have a good day everyone

Take care


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Morning all

What was my first thought?

You guessed it....a smoke......then as quickly as I thought of it was gone!

Nice one. And nice one for me too, because it didn't immediately occur to me that the first thought would be a smoke............What!

It really looks like this ingrained filth-habit is starting to shift.

I feel a great deal of mutal back-slapping is in order!


Sounds like you to are winning and it keeps getting better guys.

Yesterday I was struck down by Sciatica (so no cycling) and where as I would have been puffing away in the past the thought of it never even occurred to me. To be fair It stopped occurring a looooooong time ago but its still reassuring that its not the 1st,2nd or whatever thought.


Oh no Nic

Sciatica ..... not nice

I had it years ago, how can something hurt that much without actually falling off!

I was wondering how you got on with the bike. Livid for you that you couldn't get out. I must confess I only did my usual loop, about 15 miles, and .... I was knackered! :eek:

Shows how quick fitness can be lost! .... especially after the excess of Christmas! hic!

Biggrin mucker, you may have a bad back later.....I'll be slapping it for the foreseeable! :D

Things aren't too shabby at the moment are they? :)

Cheers guys



Heating engineer's just a fibre washer!

Of course as with all things in's not that simple....half the boiler has to be dismantled to get to it!

Oh well, I best get to woyk! :)


Thanks lostie

Like you say, I can think of better ways to spend the money...

The guy fixing it for me is actually a friend so hoping he either forgets his invoice book ...... or like the phrase "Mates Rates!" :D


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