No Smoking Day
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I must learn not to speak to soon lol

no no, i am still quit i did not give in to the little turds (cigs). So this evening after a massive eating binge i began to panic, thinking i really dont want to gain weight:( it was a real battle not to convince myself to have a smoke but i kept to my guns and had a nicorette quick mist instead.

so i am going to make sure i go to the gym everyday i can in order to atleast maintain my weight, sometimes just sometimes, you have to work harder for your goals than you originally thought.

Gone into day 5 now :D

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Hi Nikki, please don't panic or be too hard on yourself. You should be gentle with and look after yourself at the moment. What you're doing is awesome, give yourself a break. There'll be plenty of time later to sort other stuff out.

Having said that, exercise will help keep you calm and help you stay positive but do it for that reason.

You're going to feel so much better soon in any case.

You're doing brilliantly and day 5 will soon be day 6 and then day 7 and so on.

Stay strong Nikki

Molly x


Hey Nikki

Just to reiterate what Molly said really, you are doing great, Day 5, resisting, being resilient in your resolve to stay quit. It is all good stuff so far.

I know that gaining weight is a concern to a some and a great way of controlling it is by exercising. If I could give you a tip from experience.

Don't over exercise. Don't give yourself a thrashing everyday. The more you exercise the fuel you body yearns for, and if you can't make the gym for a few days for whatever reason you'll find again that you are hungry all the time. Also over exercising can and will cause injuries which will prevent you from exercising.

So maybe to keep you busy for the next hour or so is make up or look up a balanced exercise program, something where you can do something daily.

But don't beat yourself up about eating more than you should. Fight one battle at a time, this way you will win the war.



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