No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - My chi is balanced

Still going good, day 4.

Not trying not to think about smoking - if that makes sense. I just let the thought come and then go - actually that is a bit of a revelation.

In the past whenever I've stopped smoking I've found myself thinking about smoking and fighting myself over it. I shouldn't be thinking about it, I might cave in if I think about it etc.

This time I let the thoughts come and go with no internal comment and it has MUCH less power and significance this way. Wish I had known this before.

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Hiya looper,

That is a good way to think about it, I too can do that internal fighting malarky. So I think ill try that today...let the thoughts come and go....come and go....

And hey the thoughts are coming a lot more today since its the god damn weekend grrrr. I will get through this weekend. Truth be told I'm looking forward to monday going back to work - never thought I'd hear myself saying that lol

And talking of internal fighting I'm currently fighting myself: get up and go this bed is too comfy...get ten more mins!!!



Looper - day 4, well done! Being able to let the thoughts come and go sounds like a superb development, nice one.


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