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Hello All

Hi All,

Wasn't sure where to put this....being my first post etc. I have been following the inspirational stories of some posters from the shadows for some considerable time, but thought I'd show my face!

Nearly 9 months up for me now...but that's not why I'm here.

I just wanted to say a personal thank you to the people who selflessly give their time and support to those taking the very brave, and extremely difficult decision to pack in the wicked weed!

It's been no picnic, I must admit, but this site in particular gave me some real strength during some pretty dark times for me personally, even when the cravings had gone, and I just needed something life affirming.

I lost my best friend (too young) to a tragic accident, in the worst possible circumstances, and whilst I'd given up the fags some time previous, this place gave me a bit of comfort, knowing that people wanted to improve their lives, health and wellbeing with determination and courage.

Well done to everyone, and keep going. It is so worth it :D

Oh, and nice to finally make your aquaintenceseseses :cool:

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Welcome LDG

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your close friend. I'm glad this place helped with that, and with your quit in general. 8 Months is a great achievement, well done.


Cheers :D

Looks like you've done rather well yourself, kind sir!


Hello there LDG,

Wow that's a long quit you've got there!

I was reading old and new posts on this forum for over 2 months before I joined in. I know just what you mean about inspirational posters. There are people on this forum that are at least partially responsible for me staying quit in the first month or so!

Anyway, it's good to "meet" you and I'm pleased that you've now joined in

Molly x


My word LDG

Sorry to hear about your loss.

May I say it is you that is being selfless with your encouraging post!

Glad you came good must that feel...just in the door and nearly at the Penthouse!

Marvelous! :D

Welcome and thank you :)

Take care



Cheers all :)


Hi LDG - think you may win the 'longest lurking' award!

Now you're here, stick around. Nine months is a great quit and I'm sure you'll have stuff to say that will really help others who are a bit behind you on the road.

Helen x


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