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Day 2, Struggling

The struggle begins in earnest today. Yesterday wasn't such an issue as I was hungover from NYE, and I never really felt like smoking when I was hungover.

Today I'm back to work, which is the place I ALWAYS smoke. I'm dizzy and my throat is very sore, not sure whether I'm just unwell! I'm not doing patches or gum, just going CT and desperately trying to get through the day. The end of my lunch hour was particularly painful as that was my time for smoking.

I've just realized this post is all over the place. My concentration levels seem to be diminishing!


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Hi Joe and welcome.

You are experiencing some of the "normal" quitting symptoms, so don't worry about them (despite how barking mad some of them make you feel).

Forget about tomorrow, and just think about today and getting through it hour by hour.

Also, it's easy to underestimate how helpful and tolerant people on here are, so keep posting - someone will always reply, and it really helps.

Finally, it really does get easier once you've got the first few days out of the way, so keep going.


I've just posted this in answer to another Day 2 thread Joe, maybe it will be of some help to you.

Welcome to the forum :D


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