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No Smoking Day
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I month quit on champix

Yea got into the month..

more energy,more money, more healthier, less smelly.. spending more time with my non smoking buddies. :D

Ive been off the champix completely for over a week now and unsure if im over

the effects i seem to have moments when im hyper then opposite when i day dream.. nye was a challenge as i was on a hyper..i did take a hayfever tablet as my nose an eyes was puffy i almost trashed my house trying find the right outfit..i had bought 5 dresses ..then i wore something i already had haha

my son was like what you looking for mum..i was even in cellar going through bags/boxes.. luckily i had a bath an ate some food an came off my high.

I had a good nye clubbing but did wet the bed again..even though id been out sat before an the thursday an was fine with alcohol..

Anyway hopefully my mood will just be level an not crazy as this week/next i have so much to do an i have do it.

Hope everyone is doing well x

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