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Day 10

Still going well, yesterday was a bit bad but I think it's because our house took the Christmas decs down and acknowledged not only that the Christmas festivities were over but 2012- a truly brilliant year is over. Sad times. I'm trying to be optimistic about 2013 but the truth is I know how much hard academic work both me and my husband have got to do this year and after the hard work is over the hubs has got a tour of afghan to look forward to :-/ BUT today the dark mood lifted hurrah! Actually had a really good day today and I'm feeling cheerful, I have barely thought about smoking and I'm definately feeling the benefits of quitting... I look we'll and today I took the baby for a walk and we went up a realllly steep hill and who'd have thought it? It doesn't hurt to walk up hills? I wasn't out of beasts and my lungs didn't feel like they were on fire! A boost! Xxx

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Congratulations on Day 10. I am sure 2013c will be a good year, could be the year you finally kick the habit!. Dont envy you the Afghan bit tho.


One week today for me, I am so encouraged reading all your posts, bit of a bad day today and cant sleep, but hey ho Im retired now so dont need to get up early. I am hanging in there!


Hi Lois,

Congrats, 10 Days is awesome.

I Know how you feel with the OH having to go away, but I am the other side of that coin. I just left the Army in December, quit the smokes the day after, so its a whole fresh new start this year.

Keep posting here and we will all help to overcome anything you face.



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