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Why Now??

Ive been quit now for 14months, quite happily plodding on with it. I wouldnt go as far to say that I never think of smoking cos I have had the occassional thought, but I just think to myself NOPE, and I only have to look at my baby grandson to see my reasons to quit. I'm not happy about the tonn of weight I have put on but hey ho, I hope to tackle that in the new year. I have also got over the terrible depression that hit me at about 3 months quit, so all in all everything should be hunky dory BUT and its a big BUT this last week ol' nico demon has been on my tail :eek: saying all the usual stuff about "just one wont hurt and it is Xmas" why Oh why now??? I wasnt smoking last Xmas, so that cant be a trigger. Luckily, most of our friends dont smoke so I cant cadge one of of them (and I dont think I would, in all honesty) but these thoughts are pretty scary to contend with right now. Its like I have to keep my brain extra busy and keep changing the subject with myself :mad:

What I need to know is..a) Am I going bonkers and b) any other long-ish term quitters have (had) the same problems?

Thanks for listening guys.......and all you newbies, it does get better, honest, I'm just having a bit of a breakdown :confused:

Sue XX

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Hi Sue, I've had similar weirdness this last couple of weeks, I'm approaching six months so have a little bit behind me though not as long as you (well done on 14 months by the way!)

Someone at work said to me the other week that it gets easier after Christmas, he's two years quit himself I think. I wondered what he was on about as I felt absolutely fine and in no danger of craves or anything else at that time and even thought that was something that would not worry me. Lo and behold as Christmas drew nearer I found myself wondering "what if...?" for seemingly no reason.

Personally I put it down to just another tactic by the Addiction, ie relaxation, holiday season etc etc; as I'm now aware of it as others have said similar things, it's a tactic that's as ineffective as the rest. I too never really considered picking up a fag but the fact that it was even in my head again for the first time in a long while was vexing to say the least.

So you're not mad and not on your own with it!


hey chicken

i think just tackling a trigger once doesnt fully kill it and these once a year things can rear that nicodemons ugly head

i was wrapping prezzies yesterday and this is my second time of wrapping the whole of my christmas presents as a non smoker

in the past as a smoker i would wrap my eldests present then smoke wrap the next lot of presents then smoke, wrap the in-laws then smoke, wrap my families then smoke etc etc [i see the pattern now lol]

even yesterday whilst wrapping a fleeting thought popped in my head "oh have a fag in a min" and as quick as it entered my head reality kicked in and it was like OMG what are you thinking that for ewwww it wasnt even a craving, just a thought i think you are doing the right thing distracting yourself as that little nicodemon finds a weak spot and tries to get strong again you need to just put him back in his place

stay strong



Hi well done on ur quit.

I'm nearly 8 month and this last week or so iv had smoking dreams and cravings. All with the well it's Xmas feeling.. You no u want too.. I'm dreading it as I'm out tonight and most of um are smokers. But I'm not gonna let it beat me... Stupid Christmas bar humbug :mad:


I totally agree with Boo. those big smoking associations have to be beaten time after time they are like weeds that pop up every few months ,just dont feed them and they'll get weaker every time . they r doing us a favour by getting us to excercise our quit muscles.



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