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new here =)

hey guys, was hunting through the net for a bit of support with my quit and found you guys so here i am :)

I'm on 3 days 13hours and 54minutes...not that im counting or anything .ahem..really want to do it this time, ive done soo many quit attempts and honestly its always having a drink that's brought me crawling back to the cigs..that and the unbelievable stress that comes with the kids coming home from school :D. but ive managed 3 days, halfway to 4! 1 day at a time , ill get there :D

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Hi Lorna and welcome

Day 3 is great, and the way you seem to be doing it - one day at a time - is a good approach, nice one. :)



Hello and welcome to this amazing place

Where you will find as much support, help, encouragement and pics of cats as you can handle

The wonderful amazing people on this site all share a common goal and understand what your going through when your starting on your own quit journey

Getting to day 3 is a great achievement


Others wilbe along to welcome you soon

Onwards and upwards is the way to go




Hi Lorna

Welcome :)

Lovely sunny personality is going to stand you good stead me thinks :)

I would say count away....every minute away from smoking counts.

Wish you all the strength for your quit this time

You said it ... you WILL get there :D

Well done



thanks guys :)

thank you for the warm welcome , my major weak point is after eating...just had dinner and feeling a little..sensitive :D . ive found that swapping my after food ciggy with a hot sugary tea helps though. good luck to the rest of you , i know we can all do it ;)

day 4 here i come!



Well done for finding this forum and for being quit for 4 days! A day at a time sounds like a good plan too, keep reading and posting and you will get great support from here.Those triggers like after meals first thing in the morning,with a drink lose their power after a while too so onwards and upwards from now on:)


Hey Lorna, welcome to the forum and well done for 3 days, as you said, one step at a time, keep us posted with how you're getting on

Karen :-)



Welcome to to the Forum and well done on passing the 3 day stage. Just take baby steps, one day at a time and try not to think too far ahead.

Wishing you all the best in your quit journey.

Fi x


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