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My Reasons...Again

Hi All,

Well here I am on yet another quit. Has to be about my dozenth serious quit in the last 6 years, so I'm proud of myself for not ever giving up trying to quit.

I'm 35 on Weds and sick of smoking, its the one aspect of my life I'm really unhappy with. I have a great life otherwise, but smoking is really affecting my health. I always have a tight chest, when I go out it makes me drink more, which in turn makes me smoke more. I don't want to exercise when I smoke, I just use my body as a dumping ground for anything that's bad for me.

Th truth is, I actually enjoy the process of quitting. My problem lies in trying to stay quit, two weeks, a month, two months down the line. So I thought re-joining this forum might be a good way of keeping myself in check this time round. So my reasons are:

-Ridding myself of smoking induced anxiety

-Making my girlfriend happy

-More energy for sex, and better sex

-Waking up with more energy

-Breathing fresh full lungs of air

-Having a better sense of taste and smell.

-Having more money

-Not feeling like a failure in front of family and friends

-More energy

-Finally living a consistently healthy lifestyle, instead of promising it, then falling off the wagon two days/two weeks/two months later after a mad weekend.

So determined to do it this time.


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Hi Kingbee. Joining the forum again is a very good idea and it will definitelt help you in your quit. Just really go for it this time. You have a long list of reasons there and a big reason is surely your age? You are young enough for it to be really beneficial. If you want to do it you will. You will get lots of support and sdvice on here as you already know. Good luck!:)


Thanks Haze, frustrated that I keep making the same mistakes over and over. I'm going to keep reading, and re-reading not only my posts, but everyone's elses on here too, until it finally sinks in! Also got the Allen Carr easyway Audio Book off a mate recently so trying to listen to a bit of that every night before bed!


Allen Carr definitely helped me! I read his book easyway! I do think you will do it! People who keep trying are eventually successful. Do read the posts there is always someone who has been through what you are feeling and can give some tips on how to make this process easier and dont forget... This is doable! I smoked for 40 years and I have been quit 10 months now! Good luck!



Much the same as Hazel says. Well done for coming back to the Forum. I'm sure we're all serial quitters! I think the quit that feels 'different' to all others will be the successful one and a sign that you're in the correct mindset.

Fi x


A lot of people have been or are where you are now.

Couple of things really helped me. One was when I understood from someone here my addiction. It enabled me to realise it wasn't nicotine I was addicted to but smoking itself. Once I realised nicotine wasn't a big drug I had to get over but changing habits etc quitting became easier.

Something that has been a stumbling block has been the forever thought. I can't seem to find a good way of dealing with this and it really hinders me. I know its to do with thinking too far ahead and worrying unnecessarily but I can't get past this.

All the best with your quit and I'm positive you will do it :)

That's great advice, about being addicted to the smoking and not the nicotine, I never thought of it like that before...


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