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Help for Quiting

so far im 3 weeks into quiting with ease i get the craving now and then and goes within seconds.

i used two methods i used alan car video works really well however i failed after 3 - 4 days.

i then thought about an eletronic cig instead cheaper than smoking and puts nicotine into my body and no other harmful toxins

so i ordered one online with 1 high nicotine, 1 low nicotine and 5 with nothing in the cig it selfs other than water vapour all of them taste like a normal cig just about i used to smoke mayfair 20 a day.

what i did i watched alan car video and replaced my mayfair 20 a day with the eletronic cig with high dosage after three days i went onto low dosage and then after 3 days again then onto the non nicotine cig and by doing this i got 72 hours nicotine free without any hassle and yes i got cravings when i did i smoked the nicotine free one and without suprise the craving went. i then took a step back and thought well im not getting anything from smoking my eletronic as it was just water vapour by now and stopped smoking that too.

i am now 3 weeks into not smoking i am currently 19 years old going on 20 decmeber it worked for me and it might work for you.

i have not done this but if you really struggle and really cant get over the temptation of having a cig then grab your eletronic one with no nicotine in it have few puffs that way you still have no nicotine in your system your just still needing to break that habit as you broke the nicotine addiction have 48 hours.

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forgot to mention you must watch or read alan car video so understand why you smoke


Very well done Nathan. You are the first person I've heard of who stopped so quickly with an e-cig. I tried one but only after I had quit as an experiment. I don't think it would have stopped me.

I will disagree with you about Allan Carr. I hate his methods and his 'I know better than anyone' attitude. There are other authors who explain things much more fully.


well done on quitting so young, im not saying your quit will be any easier, i vaguely remember being 19 and i was an arrogant so and so who could and did stop smoking when i wanted to so why should i stop forever i didnt WANT to, oh how foolish i was, i could slap my younger self,

E cigs and alan carr didnt work for me but if it rocks it for you good on ya :)

Read read read, as una says there are better authors out there ant to be honest most of them are on this site,

Good luck on your quit xx


Welcome Nathan,and well done on getting this far and for joining thjis forum. You will get lots of advice and help on here. The advice above is great, keep reading and reading and I am sure it will help you in your quit:)


Welcome Nathan, glad your quit is going well. :)


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