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Checking in

Hi all,

Just a line to say the quit is going really well with 6 weeks under my belt... Keeping a low profile and just getting on with it seems to be working for me this time and yoga is certainly helping to keep me focused on what I'm wanting to achieve. Bit apprehensive about the next few weeks though as C'mas always seems to bring its own stresses... already had two fall-outs with family members and the tree isn't even up yet. Lol

Well done to everyone on the path x

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Well done Suze

Well…..Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a good family “rumble in the jungle” would it?

Just sit back and watch it unfold, smug that you don’t smoke anymore…. :D

I’ve always wondered about trying Yoga, are you teaching yourself or going to classes?

Stay strong and try to enjoy Christmas :)

Take care



Hi Greg,

Taken up a couple of classes each week (mostly women tho there is a man at one) though there are some excellent vids on youtube which I'll be tapping into over the hols .. Search dagmar yoga if you're interested. :)


My word Suze :eek:

I didn't realise Yoga was so sexist! hmph!


Just thought about learning new skills since stopping, yoga was one of them..for relaxation.

Maybe a foreign language too...


Thanks suze



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