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Tips for quitting using Champix

Hi all,

First time here, saw the thread about managing Nausea using Champix and thought I'd know...ask for some general advice.

At the moment I'm on Champix, day 4, the sickness hit me yesterday pretty hard, which I fought and won using the aid of delicious Pringles (and for someone on a should have just poured raw lard down my throat instead).

So with that in mind, today I decided to skip my morning cigarettes as a test of my will. My head hurts, I'm grouchy, I've eated 2 packets of Crown mints, drunk 2 cups of coffee, and my breath is so fresh you could ski off of it.

This is the second time I've tried to quit, I'm 25, smoked since 19. First round I used Champix and it worked a treat until I stopped halfway through the course because I just felt too ill to do anything with it. Went from 40 tailors a day to none for 6 months, then started again due to work stress.

This time around I plan to not start again, because of the following:

- Rollies leave my fingers stained and I hate that I smell around everyone (my partner hates kissing/cuddles when I stink of cigarettes)

- Money, money, money. 25 bucks a week?! I think not. I'm trying to save for a down payment for a house.

- I'm getting bored with it. I love the smell, but I don't like the taste as much as I used to

- Health: I've had a chest infection for the past month. Now I've started coughing up green/brown flecks within clear phlegm. Not good at all

At the moment I've gone from 6 rollies to about 11-12.

If anyone else is using Champix, please give me some tips to stay off the cigarettes for good this time!!!

Eden xoxo :)

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Hi Im using ginger biscuits..2 eaten before the tablet then 2 straight after i mean straight after an some water.. i was actually sick before using this method an felt sick for least 3 hrs so im glad its working.. not got any today though so am hoping the toast will do:eek:

I also feel lot better now im not smoking any at all so maybe thats another reason..good luck x


to be honest i just put up with it, i was as rough as toast, but the main thought i had was:- chemo would leave me feeling worse so suck it up. thats the mantra i had for the 5 weeks i could tolerate it, i had to reduce my dose and all sorts, I think champix are great they did help me break the habit and if nothing made me feel to sick to want to smoke,

good luck on your quit and dont push for too much too soon, let the champix get in your system and you will notice you want to smoke less,


Thanks for the tips, guys! (and girls lol). At the moment I'm now on day 8. Eating before taking the 0.5mg tablets worked a treat, if i felt really gross I'd nibble on something salty (delicious Pringles). Now at day 8, had my first tablet about 45 minutes ago. 15 minutes ago the dizziness and overall "Bleh I'm gonna throw up" feeling started. I took a handful of Veggie Chips from a packet I have and ate those over about 10 minutes.

Good news! No longer feeling ill, still a little light-headed, but that I can ignore. Seems the salty food is the way to go- and Veggie chips are fairly healthy so long as you just eat a small handful/serving size and not a whole large packet.

Something else I've noticed, however. In the morning when i wake up, I tremble continuously for about 10-15 minutes. I have had bad anxiety/depression issues in the past and am on Pristiq to combat that. Dunno if the shaking is a side-effect...I'd compare it to when you're woken up out of a deep-sleep suddenly, so not only do you feel groggy, your body shakes itself awake sort of...thing.

My descriptions- so descriptive!

Another interesting side-effect is the dreams. My problem is that the past 2 nights I've had dreams of sitting in bed with my partner telling me things, and then I wake up and get confused. I dreamt he asked me if I wanted to take a week off to go overseas in Feb. I was all 'Heck yes!' then when i asked him about it this morning, his reply was "....I don't remember asking you that. Also, where do we get the spare 2k from? LOL!"

What a jerk >.> I was keen to go to Hawaii too!


No, you don't want to go to Hawaii. They tried to rip me off everywhere I went.

I got that when waking up in the morning too. I wasn't on champix so can't blame that. It's a horrible feeling when you are half asleep. I bought Max Kirsten's app Overcome Anxiety. Worked wonders. I put it on as soon as I woke up.


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