No Smoking Day
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5 weeks today

I am so happy. I have not smoked before for much longer than this but this time I really want to stay this way forever, I like myself again.Yesterday I bought some lozenges and the cashier asked me if I "was trying to give up". I told her that I wasnt trying, I had stopped and that I hadnt given anything up, I had freed myself from smoking. I know she is a smoker and I hope that she might think that perhaps to stop would not be misery followed by failure, but chuffedness and success.

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Mrs M

Well done:). You are a Star! You are sounding so much more positive now, and that my love will result in this quit being 'the one'.

Fi away to put up tree. I really am a poet!!!!!

Fi x


We always liked you mrsm!

Can't frighten us off too easily.....:)

Well done on 5 weeks, has it flown by?

Love the positive past tense, we're not trying .... we have done it.

From the last fag that's it, game over, nada, job done...move on! :cool:

Great news

Take care




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