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Side Effects??

I am now on my 10th month of not smoking. In April I was in the hospital for a week...had all kinds of tests and blood draws. Last month I had a routine blood test and my Dr. shocked me with the fact that I have very high Cholesterol. I am not a heavy person, do not have high blood pressure or diabetes and am just totally blown away with this.

Since then I have been to the emergency room for a swollen foot and red steak running up my leg. ( No sign of injury). Dr. said Cellulitus but then my Primary thinks it is PAD....clogged arteries.

Has anyone else had these problems after quitting? Is it my body just trying to get back to normal and trying to adjust to not putting the cancer chemicals in my body anymore? I should note that I have Empysema from smoking for 44 years and other health issues also but none that I can say are related to my smoking.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. I go back to my Primary next week....ppat

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Hi I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with these health issues especially after being quit for this length of time, I have to say that I have also developed health issues after being quit now for 2 years and 10 months, last year I found my BP had gone up and my cholesterol also went up to 8 after putting 2 stone on, lost the weight nearly and cholesterol down to 6 now so don’t worry too much my Doc hasn’t medicated me and said that it can take 3 years and longer for your body to really get to a healthy state, before I quit BP was 115/75 and cholesterol was 4.3 so think some of us do get this as a normal side effect, hope this helps.

PS massive congratulations on a great quit, no matter what, quitting is better than smoking especially with a breathing related illness such as yours


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