Side Effects of Champix

Hey there!

I am what, two weeks off starting the third month of champix.

My face, on both cheeks is just peeling and peeling. It's so red and sore.

And I keep getting huge pimples. Apart from that, I am never hungry, even without smoking. Also, the damn sleeplessness is killing me!

Anyone else have similar or their own bad side effects from champix?


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  • Hi Al.....I had no side effects apart from feeling ill when taking the tablets........go back and see the shouldnt have to put up with that!!!

  • G'day,

    Sorry I did not use it, but I agree with ellikez, go back to the doc, that should not be happening.

  • Hi Aussmoker

    Please go see your Dr I had just a little nausea with the morning one and have never heard of this from anyone else

    It may be nothing but it will set your mind at rest


    Marg xx

  • Hi Yes, I agree with the others. This is definitely a trip to docs. I took Champix - side effects were dreams and nausea. The dreams also led to me being tired. Did get some skin (spots!) problems but I've read that that often occurs with giving up smoking rather than the specific product you're taking.

    If you're entering three months of Champix and doing OK on the quit, have you thought about reducing them. Quite a few people on here start cutting down the doseage, part of the way through - often because of the side effects.

    Hope you're feeling better - but I think you should get it checked out with doc or smoking nurse (if you have one)


  • I agree with the others - see your doctor. I had the dreams and nausea from the Champix. I also started to ease off the tablets around week 5. I've just finished the 12 weeks with a weeks worth of tablets and one unfilled perscription.

  • I saw my doc, it was just pictoral muscle problems. Not enough stretching:D

    The redness went from my face too, I just started drinking more than two litres of water a day and the extra water seemed to work!

  • Hi Aussmoker :)

    Thanks for the update I'm pleased it was easily sorted for you and nothing serious


    Marg xx

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