No Smoking Day

Gross quitting side effects *phlegm*

I am now on day 18 :D wooo hooo

Thing is, I am coughing up brown flecks in a clear phlegm from my lungs, is anyone else?

Only I am in week 3 of recovery from pneumonia, as well as quitting, where I was coughing up blood up until a week ago so I don't know which this brown stuff is a result of?!

And if it's Good, bad or Ok?!

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Lungs are cleaning out


Sounds to me like it could be a mixture of the infection leaving your lungs and the tar cleaning out. I bet you lungs are feeling alot better and how is your breathing?

Mine is like a new set of lungs.



Good i need not panic then :D

Erm my breathing is still bad >_< I rattle with every intake and I still can't take in a full breath for the pain in my chest, but it's confusing quitting with pneumonia!

When the infection is all clear I bet I too will experience a brand new set of lungs :D


I hope you feel better soon


Are you seeing a docotor ? The rattle or gurgling as I call it can be from your bronchial passages. You could also be having a form of bronchitis on top of your other problems.

Good luck and lots of vitamin C and garlic:D



Yeah yeah still under the GP he extended my antibiotics by 10 days on Monday so got till 22nd before they finish. The gurgle i think is technically called 'crackles' and is part of the pneumonia, I'll go back after antibiotics if still gurgling, isn't it the strangest sensation?! lol not used to liquidy stuff bubbling around my lungs!





Imagine if you had not quit, one day you might start crackling or gurgling and not stop exept for at a burial plot. You can use that as a tool to help push you ahead! It is almost spring here and I enjoy the fresh air, what is the weather like where you are? I have always been told fresh air gets you over being sick faster. (helps with cravings too!)



Any chance you could manage a walk?


I think that exercising your lungs gently may help you a bit. I hope you will be okay. Whatever else happens, you have done the absolute right thing and given them up. You are just getting rid of all the poison you have put in your precious body over the last years - well done, keep it up - let us know how you are x:)



Hi Buffy

don't worry about the brown flecks - that's tar coming out of you lungs

I've been doing the same for over 2 weeks.

I read somewhere that it will take about 6 months to clear out properly and about 10 years to clear out completly. No panics - your body is just healing itself


Man! cool no panic x x

But yeah thanks for advice, i am sure i'll be 100% in time few more weeks, just glad brown stuff is ok *blush* cheers ruby yeah i did the right thing i cant imagine how i could of smoked under the circumstances! though nurses assure me people on oxygen do manage it!

I cant be too self righteous though, i did manage to get up and leave the building for a fag just 4 hrs after a caesarian in 2003 >_< and kept it up , pa- thetic.

No absolutly this time is different quit wise, i havn't prepared at all but getting rushed into hospital under such frightening circumstances had it's own effect on me!

Just glad brown stuff is normal and feel pathetic against the families we are trying to help tonight during comic relief.

Well done to everyone here x x we are winners and whatever life has dealt us, we are surviving, smoke free :D


Hi Buffy,

I know just how you feel with the pneumonia. I have had it numerous times and you will cough for about a month. There will be days you feel like you are hacking your lungs up. The coughing for the tar removal shouldn't prolong it too much. Cough and get up all the foamy stuff in your lungs as that is fluid build up. Stay away from moist air and high humidity as it can hinder your breathing. Cold air or cooler air will help keep your air passages open. As far as excerise, do what your body can handle. You will be pretty weak and it won't take much to wipe you out so rest as much as you can.

I can sure sympathize with you! I am proud of you in that you haven't smoked any. I was still smoking the last time I had it which was this past September. I was a menthol smoker and just switched to non menthol until I could breathe again. My last 2 bouts landed me in the hospital.



Lo :D thanks

Answered you in other post but thanks for replying to this now x x

Indeed i was scared enough, to follow this quit through x

I reached 12weeks yesterday :D

Very pleased, pneumonia wise, I have no pain any longer following the trauma.

I do still get breathless, i can walk as i did before but i get breathless and deep breaths make noise! i can't run and actualy i cant even talk too long! ouch!

Hehe i have recovered 100% pain wise but breathing wise i am not as was. not sure i ever will be x

Stay quit, find your strength, find your will x


Research !

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All the best !


Sorry but your grammar sucks bigtime nenad . I may not be an english teacher but I AM A LIBRARIAN!


Keep going buffy.:o


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